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Learn how to meet your soulmate in L.A. on Tuesday, Feb 2, 2010 at 7pm!

What is a soulmate? There are different definitions, ranging from the most convenient [perhaps, you’ve heard stories of traveling professionals who have a soulmate in every city they frequent] to the most deep/sincere. In the latter category would be the Kabbalistic definition of your soulmate, known in Yiddish as your "basherte" (female), "basherter" (male) or “bashert” in general.

For many, a soulmate is someone with whom you have shared a relationship of significance in a previous lifetime [or several previous lifetimes]. Perhaps, someone’s father in this lifetime was his brother, or cousin or son in a previous lifetime. This fortunate son would probably enjoy a rapport and level of two-way understanding with his father that few, if any, of his contemporaries have with theirs.

Perhaps, you’ve met someone in the past [your spouse today?] and you somehow felt as though you “knew” him/her the moment your eyes met! The above definition of soulmate may be in order. Or, it could be an indication of an even deeper connection [read on!].

In a previous article, “Why did the 'Tikune Process' become necessary? “. It was pointed out that when God created this universe, He split every soul [in the Endless World] in two, a masculine soul and a feminine soul. This means that on the soul level, your soulmate [taken from this Kabbalistic point of view, a.k.a. your bashert] is literally your other half! With this understanding, it makes sense that the Yiddish word “bashert” translate into English as “destiny”.

In reference to an event, "Finding the One", happening at the Kabbalah Centre International at 1062 South Robertson Boulevard in Los Angeles, CA 90035 on Tuesday, Feb. 2, 2010 at 7pm, the following definition is provided: “A soul mate is nothing less than the other half of yourself: the one person who makes you whole, who fits you perfectly, and who allows you to become the person you were meant to be.” The same announcement also mentions, “Kabbalah teaches that you must merit the appearance of your soul mate.”

Those of us who are still single may be wondering, how do we do this? One way to learn how is to be there tomorrow night! You can also call the Kabbalah Center at (310) 657-5404 and order the book, “Spiritual Rules of Engagement“, which will also be included in the $26 ticket price for all participants at the event. See you there!



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