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Learn how to increase traffic to your website using SEO

Google Gamble
Google Gamble

If your business maintains a web presence at all, you've probably at least heard the term "SEO" ("Search Engine Optimization").

In simple terms, "Search Engine Optimization" includes any action, technique, strategy, tactic, method or system that helps promote a webpage citation within a seach engine results-list to a rank nearer the top which, in turn, drives increased visitor traffic to the referenced website.

The volume of individual contacts made with potential customers has always held the key to the formula by which actual sales statistics are derived -- even in the old days before the Internet existed. The higher the number of people introduced to your business and its products or services, the higher will be the percentage of them who engage in actual sales of those same products or services.

Although social media has blurred the lines somewhat surrounding SEO, high placement on the list of results for key word searches within search engines like Google still drives the lion's share of traffic; however, even in these times, there are those entrepreneurs and CEOs for whom the concepts and strategies involved in effective SEO placement remain a mystery. It is for them that "The Google Gamble" was written.

While other volumes on the subject get bogged down with detailed, overly technical rhetoric and instruction, "The Google Gamble" provides, in easy-to-understand terms and language, not only a comprehensible overview of the entire concept of SEO but, also, gives the reader helpful, easy-to-implement procedures, hints and checklists s/he can use to increase webpage traffic almost immediately.

The qualifiers used by search engines like Google to determine the rank of webpage citation results are in a constant state of flux. New algorithims, criteria and concepts are being tested constantly in order to assure relevant results and avoid past deceptive practices such as assigning key words that are irrelevant to the content simply because they are popularly used on search engines.

The author is a successful consultant, speaker and coach who -- according to his highly informative and well-presented website -- focuses on the subject of clarity in understanding web technology and digital content. His clients include such top companies as Vistage International, CEOSpace International and Secret Knock -- thus providing insight into the subject of SEO that is unique and well-versed.

No business in the present day should be in operation without the valuable information contained in "The Google Gamble".

The Google Gamble can be found on Amazon.

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