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Learn how to create iPhone apps & games from start to finish

willie shi
willie shi
willie shi

This is an online course to learn how to create an app in one week. According to Willie Shi : Opportunities are rampant, if you know what you're doing. Check out Flappy Bird and its clones in the AppleĀ® App Store. Those applications are pretty successful. If you should choose not to go it alone, then just look at the job boards. Nearly three-quarters of the postings are mobile-related and one-third of them are seeking iOS developers. Plus, if you have something in the App Store with a 4-Star rating, your inbox will be heavily bombed by recruiters from nearly everywhere. I am trying to make this course just about to cover the enough key information in order for you to become a decent iOS developer. I am getting there. but, I do need your support though. Please help me finish this project!

How this course differs from the rest?

The greatest single advantage of this course is it's practical and pragmatic. For starters, you will learn from a highly experienced iOS developer with more than 50 apps published in the App Store under his belt . . . and you can learn from his experiences, good and bad. Next, this course will help cut you a clear path to the destination of your iOS app adventure. both video and text lessons from a variety of different angles giving you a better picture mastering iOS programming. The course provides 5 tutorial series governed only by your willingness to invest in yourself.

Get the details here and support the crowdfunding project to get started. You can also see the course modules here.