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Learn how to become a thrifty bargain hunter

Jumble sale
Jumble sale

If you’re looking for a bargain to sell for a profit or antiques to fill up your home there are some of the best places to find amazing opportunities. The Internet has widened your choices but it’s important not to neglect what’s on your doorstep. Take a look at the top four places to find amazing deals to keep or to sell.

The old fashioned jumble sale

Jumble sales provide an excellent opportunity to snap up some incredible bargains. These sales often take place in church halls and town halls and are run by organizations such as charities, Girl Guides or Scouts. The jumble sale is where you’ll be able to pick up collectables and lower end antiques, along with antiques that are currently out of fashion. There are always plenty of low cost bargains to be found, especially if you’re looking for some vintage clothing, paintings or prints. It’s always best to arrive as early as possible as traders know jumble sales can provide very rich pickings.

Car boot sales

Car boot sales are frequented by amateur sellers and the occasional professional seller. You’ll have to riffle through a lot of junk and everyday household items if you’re looking for something special. It can be harder to find a real bargain compared with a jumble sale, but it’s not impossible. Be prepared to negotiate the price with the sellers as they will try to get the best price possible (which may be more than the item is actually worth).

Visit your local charity shops

Charity shops are usually vetted by an antique dealer so it is difficult to find a genuine antique for very little money. Charity shops have also recently come under fire for overcharging for goods of late, but you never know, something may slip through the net. Take the time to visit your local charity shops regularly but don’t spend too much time scanning the shelves.

General auction houses

Find out when the general auctions take place at your local auction house. These auctions often include house clearance items and there’s always the chance you may come across a sleeper. The prices are often low so it’s very easy to pick up furniture for an entire house, even if you have a small budget. Look for items that are currently out of fashion but that are solidly made (such as brown furniture). You’ll also be able to find items such as collectables and musical instruments. If you notice any items that don’t sell it’s sometimes worth speaking to the auctioneer at the end of the auction as they may be happy to sell you the items at a very low price.

Affordable restoration pieces

Don’t let the condition of the furniture or instruments put you off too much, you can restore items for a small cost and quickly increase usability, value and improve the appearance. Pianos can be repaired cheaply with Pianomagic restorations and you can transform wooden furniture with some wax and a bit of elbow grease. You may also wish to buy some metal polish as you can make your purchases shine with a little bit of effort.

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