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Learn From The Experts At The Healthy Living Holistic Expo This Weekend near LAX

Do you know how to "heal your body naturally?"

India Holloway is one of many authors and experts speaking at the Healthy Living Holistic Expo Saturday.
India's Healthy Living Studios in Culver City

Health and wellness USED to mean: “Hey Doc, I feel like crap. I need a prescription!”

Now, it’s more like: “I feel like crap. Maybe I should listen to what my body is telling me about what kinds of food I am eating...maybe do a detox diet or colon cleanse."

Many of us here in Los Angeles are getting into the whole mind-body “holistic” way of thinking about health – we’re eating more nutritious foods and learning about alternatives to swallowing pills with dangerous side effects. Heck, I even tried juicing for the first time THIS YEAR thanks to all the talk about living healthier!

But what is all this “holistic” mumbo jumbo? Well, medical doctors treat your symptoms and holistic “medicine” focuses on the whole body, like living a healthy, balanced life overall, “clean eating” and avoiding stressors..even electro magnetic frequencies and microwaves!

If you are looking to learn from the leading minds in holistic healthcare, come to The Healthy Living Holistic Expo this Saturday at LAX Sheraton!

The Healthy Living Holistic EXPO will serve as a platform to educate and provide attendees with cutting edge information, tools, and resources to live happier, healthier lives--naturally.

You’ll get an opportunity to connect and ask questions with the experts!

This expo is the first of its kind in Los Angeles and is being put on by India Holloway of Healthy Living Studios in Culver City. India is the author of the book, "Your Body Does Not Know How To Die," a holistic detox guide I think I may need to read. She's a holistic iridologist, "Colon Hydro Therapist to The Stars" (I KNOW you are wondering who gets them!) and fondly known to many as "The Poop Police." She's put together an AMAZING ensemble of experts so that you can learn how to heal naturally.

The Healthy Living Holistic Expo will feature a variety of speakers including Tony Robbin’s protégé, Joseph McClendon III, who is committed to helping others transform their lives to achieve happiness.

Another speaker is Aeron Golheart, the global developer and distributor of Tesla Energy Lights. Mr. Golheart will discuss Tesla lights as an energy activation system that increases one’s personal vital energy. HAVE to find out what that one is all about and experience it for myself!

Then of course, if you like Epicuren and Holocuren products, Developmental scientist, founder and formulator of these skin care lines, Robert Heiman, is going to speak on beautiful skin, natural treatments and inner beauty. And trust me, he’s been studying skin for over 40 years, so he’s got AMAZING insights.

Dr. Nathan F. Rabb Jr, a leading holistic health specialist, will discuss how food is your medicine and medicine is your food. Tom Van Dyke will lead a discussion on Biotics Research’s amazing 10-day detox program. Dr. Jill Deleon will educate attendees about stretching and the soft tissue therapy myofascial release.

Julie Tyler, documentarian and creator of, will discuss colon hydrotherapy with author, lecturer and colon hydro therapist to the stars, India Holloway.

Yep, it will be almost an entire day of speakers, checking out new products, and learning from educated authors and specialists.

If you’ve got questions about healthy, natural living, this is the place to be!

This landmark event will take place Saturday, February 22, 2014,10:00am-4:00pm at the Four Points by Sheraton LAX. Entrance to this event is only $10. For more information, please visit

Here’s a tip: Get there early! There’s a goodie bag for the first 100 attendees featuring one of my fave lip treatments, Miracle Lips Salve by Holocuren and other surprises!

Come on out and connect and learn this weekend.

Healthy is the New Sexy!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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