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Learn culture & community cooking

Chaos Cooking

Many towns through-out the country are getting involved with home cooking events in the community. The Chaos Cooking group has major cities partaking in these community events including: New York, Chicago, Brooklyn, Miami, Los Angelos, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Nashville, and growing. To learn more about joining, sponsoring, attending, hosting, or volunteering at these special events visit Chaos Cooking's website at

The Chaos Cooking group is a great way to get involved with the community and taste new spirits, new culinary delights, while learning to prepare meals at each of our towns. What better way to get a true sense of the community, then by attending these special events throughout the states. I'm sure outdoor markets and restaurants in each community can benefit also, by holding an interactive Chaos Cooking event in their agenda.

By getting your friends together to learn new tasteful recipes and finding out the best brews/ciders/wines that are available in the area, it will give a true sense of what each community has to offer. Trying new tastes available in the community (while not going broke), is the key to attending and learning (through interaction) at these events. If you like a meal prepared, it will stay with you to treasure for years to come. For those spices and cocktails not cared for, only one taste will mean no harm no foul to the taster.

The biggest question to ask yourself is, will it be better to host or attend the next event in your community. Just remember that nothing is set in stone, and there are great memories to be created. While some individuals and couples enjoy having other people over, some just like to share in the experience by attending community events.

This great culinary concept of bringing new food ideas together in peoples very own kitchens was started in 2009 by founders Joe Che and Margaret. Each meeting takes place on individual premises and is prepared, cooked, and cleaned up by members of the group attending the event (as a team effort).

In hopes that each special get together will give all the guests a new sense of sharing and belonging in the community. Next time when preparing to travel to a new city, think about planning some of these events in your next itinerary, to truly learn more about the community that you'll be visiting. Just like a family get together, there will be sharing of home cooked meals and blissful chaos to partake in. These special cooking community events are sure to leave a lasting impression, for many years to come and create lasting friendships along the way.

Some other things to think about when attending one of these events are sharing special knowledge as a gift to all at the community event. Some things such as preparing, growing, and cultural traditions are special things others may like to learn about at these events. Ask yourself if there are special things that you can offer to others at these gatherings. Go ahead and share some of your passed down tips that were read or given over the years by family and friends.

Some ideas on things to share include : growing tips on seasonal gardens, natural nutritions for plants (like chopped orange peels for acid lover plants), indoor tips on growing micro greens/ herbs (for lowering meals costs), home brewing techniques (for homemade liquors), secret ingredients to make your recipes pop, storing/preparing fresh fruits into jars, and more.

The ideas are endless, friendships waiting, and many unique themes to incorporate in future Chaos Cooking events. No entry fee means there is no cost for attending, though sharing culinary creations, bringing special ingredients, supplying a favorite spirit, and being prepared to share good conversation are all requirements of their own.

Seriously think about getting all your friends together and deciding for yourselves, if this is a great way to experience your community. Sign up to find out, like many before have found, there is no better way to spend an evening, than to learn about new cultures, traditions, trends, hands on tastings, and meeting new people in the community than by attending these special cooking events held by Chaos Cooking.

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