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Learn and Play at New Monthly Le Mieux Beauty Parties in Pasadena

Ever have that feeling that you've discovered something as good as gold? I must've looked like "the cat that just swallowed the canary" on my drive home from Le Mieux Cosmetic's Showroom (The Bielle Institute) in Pasadena May 9th, where I attended an uber-educational and fun beauty event, and discovered Le Mieux skincare products for the first time.

Lobby of the Bielle Institute at 760 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena.
Lobby of the Bielle Institute at 760 E. Walnut Street in Pasadena.
Le Mieux's Educational Event was interactive, fun and well...educational!
Le Mieux Cosmetics

First off, have I been living under a rock? Maybe so. Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Jayne Lynch and Christina Ricci already know about Le Mieux and are big fans. Ricci praises Le Mieux's Eye Cream, which keeps her eyes looking youthful, even after 18 hours on a set. In fact, Le Mieux products are being used by the country's top estheticians and makeup artists behind the scenes and on feature films and shows such as:






MIKE & MOLLY, and many others.

Hmmm.. wondering why everybody on TV and in the movies is looking so good these days? It might be Le Mieux! WAIT -- are they RE-DOING 90210? I AM living under a rock!

Let's get back to that event two Fridays ago.

You might've caught this at the beginning of this piece -- yes, I said SHOWROOM and yes I mean SHOWROOM of skin products. The Bielle Institute is Le Mieux Cosmetic's two-story showroom and training center. It's a zen, relaxing, welcoming environment with plenty of natural light. Check out the photos. GORGEOUS. Who WOULDN'T want to visit this place?

Janel Luu, the founder and formulator of Le Mieux Cosmetics, calls it a formal environment to share knowledge about Le Mieux products, ingredients and facial techniques. Le Mieux is known in spas and obviously the movie/tv industry, but Janel wants to directly educate the end consumer of this line.

Speaking of education, here's a language lesson: "Le Mieux" is a French term meaning 1. Of the highest quality, 2. Greatest, 3. The most desirable or suitable. Mais oui, once you try these products, you will agree!

My invite mentioned "complimentary facials," which I was totally down for, especially after driving 2 hours to get there. Imagine my surprise when myself and a group of lovely ladies were escorted upstairs to sit at a long table which was "set" with towels, a hand mirror, and a slew of Le Mieux products !

BUMMER that I would be giving MYSELF a facial, but it turned out to be an interactive way of learning about the products and lots of fun!

I learned that La Mieux uses hyaluronic acid instead of water as the first ingredient. Hyaluronic acid (not really an "acid" per say) is moisture-binding ingredient naturally occurring in skin that keeps skin plump and hydrated, while water can actually be drying for the skin. So, this means this line is crazy concentrated! In fact, one bottle of serum made by Le Mieux would equal NINE bottles of serum made by other guys with water as the main ingredient.

In addition to the high concentration of effective products, Le Mieux also uses a specialized micro delivery system so that the natural, herbal, botanical and bio ingredients penetrate the skin's tough barriers at various depths.

CEO Janel Luu and Sylvia Pacheco, Esthetican and Trainer, were both on hand to introduce the products and educate us on product use. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming - and pumped to share all the great products!

Here's a few of the samplings:

I was hooked from the moment I tried the first product -- the cleanser:

PHYTO-MARINE CLEANSING LOTION - You'll feel the hydration! This is a moisturizing formula so it nourishes while it cleanses. Algae based ingredients, natural oils and botanical extracts gently cleanse, making this great for sensitive skin. Also comes in a gel. $24.00 for 6 ounces.

VITA-C CLEAR SKIN PAD - Natural Vitamin C is infused within the soft pad to help to brighten skin for a natural glow. This is a gentle, exfoliating micro-peel that is NOT scratchy like other pads!

30 pads for $25.00

Features glycolic acid, powerful antioxidants, and the most stable form of Vitamin C (MAP) to gently exfoliate, smooth out fine lines, minimize hyperpigmentation, and brighten skin.


$65.00 for 1 ounce

Le Mieux is known as "The Serum" Authority for its diverse selection of scientifically advanced serums with triple-tier delivery systems, timed-release technology and concentrated ingredients from premium sources. This one protects and regenerates with powerful antioxidants, 5 revolutionary proteins, and 4 potent peptides. It promotes skin firmness and elasticity, corrects fine lines and wrinkles, restores a healthy glow, and helps calm, heal, and tighten skin.

Features the all new rage - revolutionary growth factors and 85% pharmaceutical grade ingredients to help stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. If you want to see some serious change in your skin, TGF-B is the way to go.


I can't get over how AFFORDABLE this mask is, considering what you get! This is a serum-infused mask with the most stable form of Vitamin C (Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate), 3 anti-aging peptides, 8 botanical extracts, and marine collagen to help minimize the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles and promote smooth, radiant skin.

Le Mieux Moisture Infusion Mask 4 for 25 dollars !!!

Comes out of the packet nice and cold. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and don't rinse after. You're skin will thank you!

HYALURONIC SHEA MASK - For extremely dry skin, this is a cream that you leave on featuring soothing oils, hyaluronic acid, and shea butter to improve elasticity and provide intensive, long-lasting hydration for even the driest skin. Wonderful for a hand treatment, which we all got at Le Mieux's beauty party. $15.00 for 2 ounces.

EYE AND LIP CREAM PLUMPER - This one is INDEED unique -- for one, it's an iridescent blue color and has 3 ultra-hydrating lipids as well as peptides. Can use around the fine lines around the eyes, but I'm testing it out around the lips as a plumper and line eraser -- it has a "spin trap" in it to trap damaged DNA. I don't exactly know what that IS yet, but I LIKE the way it sounds! $60.00 for .5 ounce

There are way too many extremely high-quality, affordable products to mention!

Where can you buy Le Mieux?

Luxe Lab in Pasadena

Better Health Med Spa in Monrovia

and in-store at Nigel Beauty Emporium in North Hollywood,

You can always call (626) 962-1234 and Le Mieux will locate an authorized distributor or retailer in your area that you can purchase from.

Don't know where to start? Take the short survey to find out which Le Mieux products are right for you!

Want to go to a Le Mieux educational party yourself? Of COURSE you do and you're in luck! Le Mieux will be doing MONTHLY training sessions like this one from this Pasadena location. Only 10 guest will be able to attend at one time -- I'll announce the next date in June and how to get on the RSVP list soon!

What a great event! You WILL learn something, your skin will go home happy and hydrated, AND you'll meet some cool ladies. Oh, did I forget to mention the generous take-home goodie bag?

You can contact Le Mieux at (888) 327-8188 or visit

Let's ALL Le Mieux!!

~The Anti-Aging Analyst

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