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Learn about Honduran Milk Snake as an exotic pet (videos)

The Honduran Milk Snake is quickly becoming one of the most popular choices for those seeking exotic pets. Known for their friendly dispositions, the Honduran Milk Snake doesn’t object to being handled and easily adapts to life in captivity.

Honduran Milk Snake
Wikimedia Commons: Lampropeltis triangulum hondurensis

Consider large terrariums when housing your Honduran Milk Snake as this will encourage growth, a healthier eating habit and keep your pet feeling as close to a natural environment as possible. Ensure that your snake has adequate housing, the required diet, and plenty of lighting and heat. Provide your Honduran Milk Snake with an area that is warm as well as cool so that the snake may adjust its body temperature accordingly. Because the snake is native to South America, they prefer warm, humid climates to dry ones. You might find it is most beneficial to gently spray or mist your snake’s housing area as needed.

To learn more about keeping the Honduran Milk Snake as a pet, consult the video above.

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