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Leap Year: Yes? No? Maybe?


I can promise you one thing, Leap Year is everything we expect from a romantic comedy. A strong and forthright leading lady, (played by Amy Adams) and  the gruff yet lovable leading man played by  Matthew Goode. The movie tells the tale of a woman on a mission. Adams' character goes on a quest to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend who has neglected to return the favor. During her excursion, she meets Goode's character Declan. (The plot eh, sort of thickens) Needless to say, her feelings for this new, handsome Irish rogue complicate things. 

The movie is redeemed from it's dreadful, formulaic plot by it's clever acting and beautiful scenery. The leads perform well together. Adams plays all of her characters with heart. Though this won't be her Oscar nod for the year, one can tell she had a blast in this role. Goode's performance was commendable as well. My favorite leading males are the ones who can play on the subtleties and the silences in a scene. Goode is definitely on of those actors.

So let's get to the scenery. It was lovely. Several scenes were filmed in Galway, which has plentiful countryside and sweeping landscapes galore. For those of us who haven't traveled there, it's a treat to see new and exciting places. Too many times the setting is under-accredited to the success of a film. American film goers like to be visually dazzled. And who wouldn't? It's a pleasure to see something new and exciting.

There are a few twists and turns that makes this movie unique. The writing is well appreciated. It's entertaining and witty. That's thanks to Deborah Kaplan and Harry Elfont. These two are a writing duo and good friends as well. They've collaborated and worked together on several projects. It's a unique story and well looking into. You can find their works on their imdb pages.

Overall i'd say "Leap Year" should be a rom-com success. Now, would I rather see Adams pour her acting soul out in Doubt? Yes! And would I rather watch Matthew Goode play Ozymandius in Watchmen? Absolutely! But under the circumstances the pair made an excellent movie for munching on popcorn and forgetting how cold it is outside. Enjoy!

"Leap Year" Comes out to theaters Friday, January 8th.


  • Lisa 5 years ago

    I went and saw the matinee of this the other. day. It was kind of I expected. Thaks for writing!

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