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'Leap Year' (PG) review

February 2010, is not a Leap Year! Yet the movie Leap Year was released on January 8th. In Leap Year, after being disappointed by her boyfriend's (Adam Scott) unwillingness to propose, Anna (Amy Adams) decides to fly to Dublin, Ireland to propose to him on Leap Day. According to Irish tradition, Leap Day allows women to propose to men. Unfortunately, bad weather lands Anna in Wales instead of Dublin. The unfortunate weather also introduces a handsome and helpful innkeeper (Matthew Goode). By offering to drive Anna to Dublin in time for Leap Day, the innkeeper earns quality time with Anna. Undoubtedly, the two fall in love after several obstacles place the strangers in romantically awkward situations.

Anna has to make a choice between the innkeeper and the boyfriend who didn't want to propose to her. Will Anna choose the man that wants her after knowing her for a few days over the boyfriend she's been with for years but didn't want to propose?

While "eap Year is a predictable love story with many of the usual comic antidotes and a happy ending, three things are promised: Oscar nominated Amy Adams, a cute guy with a foreign accent, and gorgeous scenery of Ireland.