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Leap into fun! 4 ways to celebrate leap year 2012!

I will avoid the bad joke about somebody only getting their birthday once every 4 years, and all the puns about leaping around. However, it is cool to take this odd day to do some fun things around the city. Here are 4 ways you can enjoy leap day this year.

Comedians you should know showcases 5 local comedians every Wednesday night at 9pm. These local funny people will tickle you to know end and since it’s a leap year you can bet they won’t be pulling any punches. The cost is $5. Check them out at 622 N Fairbank ct. For more information call 312-647-0700

Navy Pier is taking the leap day to the next level. They are offering amazing specials. Everything from free parking, to free Ferris wheel rides, to discounts on food and entertainment. For more information visit their website.

Boobs and Goombas is a burlesque show for the Mario lover in all of us. This risqué show will leave you in stitches and will perk up any leap day. This Wednesday will be the last Wednesday that you can check out the show. Show starts 7:30pm and tickets are $20. Gorilla Theater is located at 1919 N Milwaukee. For more information call 773-598-4599

Last but not least if you are just looking for somewhere to unwind this leap day Plush lounge has $5 martinis and half off appetizers during their Wednesday retro night. Be prepared to be amazed by the amazing music videos of our youth and the delicious martini creations. Plush is located at 1104 W Madison. For more information call 312-491-9800


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