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LeAnne Bock the Craft Chick who Hustled Harder

On August 23rd, The Unknown Brewery celebrated two of their favorite things, beer and chicks, at their Craft Chicks Hustler Harder event. This event recognized strong area lady leaders in things ranging from aerial arts, to the Roller Girls, to chefs. As a part of the festivities there was a people’s choice homebrew competition that gathered participants from the Carolina BrewMasters, CABREW, Salisbury Homebrewers Club, Iredell Brewers United, and Palmetto State Brewers. LeAnne Bock, of the Carolina BrewMasters, and her Farmer’s Daughter Saison was the crowd favorite and will be brewed on Unknown’s small batch system.

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Lisa Johnson
Craft Chicks Hustle Harder
Bethany Burr

The Competition: The competition was held as part of the Craft Chicks Hustle Harder event at Unknown Brewery. The only rules were that the brewer had to be female and that the winner would be determined by votes from those that attended the event. The attendees were given gray tickets to exchange for a taste of the homebrew and a red ticket to vote. Once the majority of the homebrewers were out of beer, the red tickets were counted and the winner announced.

About the winning brewer: LeAnne started brewing in January 2013, mostly because she was looking for a hobby that was different from anything she does at work or school. As she likes to cook and drink beer, homebrewing seemed to be a good fit. She switched to all-grain in April of this year and now has a 10-gal mash tun with a 10-gal kettle. Her neighbors probably think that she is performing science experiments in her back yard.

About the winning beer from the winner: My philosophy about recipe design is “Why Not?” I’m still learning what ingredients typically go together and why. The online resources for recipes along with the BJCP website are a good starting point for me to understand what typically goes into the various styles of beer, but without having a thorough understanding of the ingredients or without multiple reviews like cooking recipes tend to have, I don’t really understand what the ultimate product will be like. That’s a long explanation for I’m still in the trial and error phase of recipe development aka “Why Not?”. The Farmer’s Daughter Saison turned out to be one of the better trial results. The basis is primarily Pilsner malts with Centennial, Amarillo, & Citra hops, flavored with Sweet Orange Peel, Coriander, & Honey.

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