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Leanne Bearden found: Texas woman died of apparent suicide

Leanne Bearden's body has been found after an exhaustive four-week search. ABC News shared the details on Feb. 14.

Leanne Bearden's body has been found after an apparent suicide
Screencap via Newsy

The missing Texas woman's body was found just a couple of blocks away from where she had last been seen on Jan. 17. Leanne Bearden told her family she was going out for a walk near her in-laws' home near San Antonio, and she never returned. Leanne and her husband Joshua had recently returned to Texas after spending two years traveling around the world.

As the search intensified for Leanne Bearden, her family said that it was possible she had left of her own accord. It seems she was feeling “anxious” about transitioning back to a traditional life in the United States after the couple's long trip.

Sadly, KSAT reports that Leanne Bearden seemingly committed suicide, though an official determination will not come until after the autopsy. Bearden's body was found in the backyard of a home in Garden Ridge, in an area that is said to be heavily wooded. The homeowner found Bearden Thursday around noon, in an area he said was underdeveloped and typically not used. Authorities indicate that Leanne has been identified via the backpack and jewelry she had with her when she left her in-laws' house on Jan. 17.

Leanne Bearden's family has released a statement saying that they are “understandably devastated” and they thank all of those who helped look for Leanne and supported them over the past month. They add, “Although this is not the outcome we had hoped for, we draw comfort and strength” from the support they've received. The statement closes by sharing, “Leanne was a lovely and remarkable young woman and we will all miss her greatly.”

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