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Leanna Harris under scrutiny, new warrants in Cooper Harris hot car death

Police are probing more hard drives in the case of the hot car death of Cooper Harris in Cobb County, Georgia, according to new warrants procured by CNN the morning of July 7. The search warrants obtained by CNN reveal that it is not just the computers and cell phones that the Cobb's County Sheriff's Office are interested in. Cobb County has also seized additional technology related items that they will use to examine key relationships in the investigation of the hot car death of 22-month-old Cooper Harris. Justin Ross Harris, father to the child is facing child cruelty charges in addition to first degree murder charges, and may even be facing the death penalty according to Judge Frank Cox at his probable cause hearing last Thursday. CNN reports on July 7 that in addition to computers being seized, the medical records of Justin Ross Harris and the victim Cooper Harris have also been procured, in addition to more technology owned or used by the Harris family. CNN reports with this new warrant information that the wife of the accused, Leanna Harris has become "part of the investigation."

Cooper Harris: Cobb County hot car death crime scene photos, mom Leanna Harris under scrutiny
Cooper Harris: Cobb County hot car death crime scene photos, mom Leanna Harris under scrutiny

The additional technology included in the latest search warrant includes an external hard drive, a 32GB hard drive or flash drive, and a 2GB memory card according to CNN. This is information that law enforcement and the State are hoping to use to discover more about the many relationships in this case. A key component of the case thus far has been the discovery of the allegation that Justin Ross Harris was sexting as many as 6 women from his office in Home Depot while his son was dying in his car.

Those relationships, and the relationship the accused has with his wife Leanna Harris were testified to in the probable cause hearing for the hot car death of Cooper Harris on July 3. Law enforcement of Cobb County is hoping the warrants executed today will reveal more information about the details of all of these relationships, and fill in the gaps from what Justin Ross Harris and his wife Leanna are not saying at this time.

The wife of the accused, Leanna Harris, is not considered a suspect at this time, according to WGN TV, but CNN has confirmed she is "part of the investigation."

The reactions of the parents are a key point that Cobb County is investigating at the moment, as it speaks to the state of mind of the couple in this relationship during the hours that Cooper Harris was dying. It is not just law enforcement that finds their reactions peculiar.

Social media has already tried and convicted both Justin Ross Harris and his wife Leanna Harris for the charges of premeditated murder. One key component that keeps coming up is, "Why is mom so stoic?"

The reported reaction of Leanna Harris when she visited her husband at the police station the day that he was arrested for the death of her son has left many people following this case in absolute outrage. One viewer called in to HLN and stated,

"If that was my son, you would have to hold me back from harming him. You would have to have people physically holding me down from tearing into him, I would be so enraged."

A lot of people sitting as jurors in the court of public opinion agree, the loudest screams of outrage coming from "Team Mothers of America and Everywhere."

Wives too, are very curious about why Leanna Harris had the same, faceless reaction when she heard about the sexting situation between her husband and as many as 6 women that day. Leanna claimed, according to HLN, that the probable cause hearing was the first time she had received that information about her husband's other life, and that when she did, she remained expressionless for most of the hearing.

The picture of a deadpan Leanna Harris, chewing gum and staring blankly into space during her husband's probable cause hearing has been found to be questionable and even suspect by many. At one point during the discussion of sexting, Leanna reportedly put her face down, but reacted differently than many people claim they would look if it was they who were learning of such infidelities for the first time.

Most women are suggesting they would feel, and look gutted, at the first time they came upon that discovery about the man that they loved that they had a child with. Although that is speculation, that is why law enforcement and the Prosecution find some of the reactions and responses of Leanna Harris are questionable, and even suspect enough to make her "part of the investigation."

Detective Stoddard also testified that her own family found her reaction suspect. He testified that her mother, Cooper's grandmother reportedly asked her, "Why aren't you crying, why aren't you reacting to this?" Stoddard also testified that Leanna's reasoning was, "I must be in shock."

Justin Ross Harris has responded in a very peculiar way as well. When Detective Phil Stoddard was testifying about the women that Justin Ross Harris was sexting while his son baked to death in his car, he was able to testify about 2 of the women and their conversations that day. He had been unable to reach the other 4, and possibly more women.

The State was reluctant to state those names on an in-camera probable cause hearing, but referred to the first as the "Older One". Stoddard testified that Harris had been sending pictures of his aroused body parts, and in exchange had been receiving pictures of topless women, one allegedly under the age of 18. Stoddard testified that the "Older One" at one point asked Harris, "Don't you have a conscience?"

The State then asked what Harris's response was, Stoddard testified that Harris simply responded, "Nope."

But Justin Harris is already in prison. What people are talking about today is, mom Leanna Harris should be in prison as well. Her reaction upon discovering that her son had not been dropped off at childcare that day,"Ross must have left him in a car" is being considered suspicious. WGN TV reported Apron Strings, the now famous child care center in this case, had attempted to console her, offering her a multitude of different things that could have happened other than that kind of tragedy.

It's another key statement made of the parent that law enforcement is looking at very closely, as it strikes not just the court of public opinion, but law enforcement as a very peculiar thing to say upon such a discovery.

Another element of the Leanna Harris story that mothers and wives everywhere find very strange is her statements at the Cooper Harris funeral that, if given the choice, she would not bring Cooper Harris back. Most mothers feel that if it happened to them, they would be begging anybody and anything to bring back their lost child. Instead, Leanna said,

"I miss him with all of my heart. Would I bring him back? No. To bring him back into this broken world would be selfish."

Leanna also reportedly stated that she was "happy" that Cooper would miss out on some of the letdowns of this broken world, saying she was glad that "Cooper would miss some of life's letdowns, including his first heartbreak, his parents' and grandparents' deaths and who to sit with at lunch in middle school" according to WGN TV.

Prosecution and law enforcement are trying to show is that this evidence goes to state of mind in the case of premeditation murder that they are building.

The SubReddit that either Leanna Harris or Justin Ross Harris visited prior to the death of their son known as "child free" is also something law enforcement believes speaks to state of mind in regards to the premeditated murder charge against Justin Harris, and possibly any charges that may go against Leanna Harris. The SubReddit "child free" is one that advocates child free living, according to testimony provided by Detective Stoddard.

He testified that someone, either Ross Harris or his wife Leanna Harris, had accessed 4 articles on this SubReddit. HLN reports July 7 that this SubReddit has since been closed down due to the attention it received after appearing via testimony at the Justin Ross Harris probable cause hearing. HLN reports that the status of the forum has been changed to "private", and that since July 3 the page has been updated with a statement to describe the page that reads,

"Links of interest to childfree individuals. 'Childfree' refers to those who do not have, and do not ever want, children (whether biological or adopted)."

It is not clear who in the relationship between Leanna Harris and Justin Ross Harris accessed those SubReddits at this time.

Here is another question that everybody is asking, and pulling Leanna Harris smack into the center of this investigation. According to the Medical Examiner's report, Cooper Harris died by noon on the day of June 18, 2014. Phone records discussed on CNN Transcripts show that Leanna Harris and Justin Ross Harris had already had one phone conversation that day, at 4:00 P.M., after Justin Harris had already been to his car at least once, and after 12 P.M. on the day in question.

Stoddard testified that phone call lasted approximately one minute, but of course he could not testify to the content of that conversation because he was not a part of it. According to testimony, Leanna tried to reach Ross at approximately 4 P.M. and missed him. He calls her back and misses her, then calls her again and they spoke for one minute.

Ross had been to his car at least once since noon that day, which would have been hours after Cooper Harris had been sitting in that vehicle.

What were Leanna and Justin Ross Harris talking about?

Chances are, law enforcement and the State are going to allege that this conversation sounded like, "What is the story?" given that, as soon as Leanna Harris arrived to the police station the day her husband was charged, one of the first things she asked him was reportedly, "Did you say too much?"

Discovering this information was all that the Cobb County Chief Magistrate Frank Cox needed to move forward to a grand jury indictment, the next stage of this case according to CNN. In addition to denying bail and using the phrase "death penalty" in his ruling he said,

"For him to enter the car….when the child had been dead and rigor mortis had set in, and the testimony is the stench in the car was overwhelming at that point in time, that he – in spite of that – got in the car and drove it for some distance before he took any action to check on the welfare of his child, I find there is probable cause for the two charges contained in the warrant."

Leanna Harris has not been charged, but is being considered part of the investigation as all of this new evidence continues to come to light. With the search warrants executed today, the details of the relationship at the center of this case will be revealed with time once the computer forensics analysis related to the death of Cooper Harris is complete.

Until and only unless the Cobb County courts find him guilty of a crime, there is one thing he does have left in his life. At the time of press, Justin Ross Harris still has the Constitutional protection of being considered innocent of all charges until proven otherwise.

One thing we do know that is coming? It will be very difficult at this point to find an untainted jury. Justin Ross Harris does not want any mothers on his jury. He does not want any parents, period, on his jury. And, according to the trial currently being held in the case of Social Media versus Justin Ross Harris, he doesn't want anyone with a conscience on his jury either.

What is your theory on what happened that day? What theory makes the most sense to you?

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