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Leanna Harris, mom of son in hot car death, eyed in crime after odd behaviors

Leanne Harris now under investigation in her son cooper's death, who was left in a hot car to die by his father, who is in jail today.
Leanne Harris now under investigation in her son cooper's death, who was left in a hot car to die by his father, who is in jail today.

Leanna Harris, the mom of the boy who died when his father left him in a hot car for over seven hours, is now being investigated as a possible accomplice in this homicide case. From the time she found out her son was dead through his funeral proceedings, her demeanor has not been that of a grieving mother. Some of the comments she has made in police presence have been seen as self-incriminating.

According to CNN News on July 7, when Leanna Harris went to pick up her son, Cooper, at daycare the day he died, the staff told her that her husband never dropped him off that day. She thought a second then said, “Ross must have left him in the car,” according to the daycare staff.

When the staff told her there could have been numerous reasons he didn't bring the boy to daycare that day, she wouldn’t hear of it and insisted he left him in the car. This was bizarre almost as if she had some prior knowledge as to what was going to take place that day.

The mother of the dead child has shown little emotion in this case, chewing gum and keeping her head down while in the courtroom when her husband was being arraigned. Even her mother-in-law asked her why she wasn’t crying now that her son was dead. She didn’t seem to shed a tear. Her demeanor was not seen as what you would expect from a mother devastated over the loss of her son, suggests News Max today.

Leanna told police that “losing her child in a hot car was her worse fear.” After her husband was arrested she made another odd remark while the two were in the interview room. Her husband said to her that their son looked peaceful when he was found dead. “I dreaded how he would look,” was what was said next.

Leanna also said to her husband at one point during the interview process, “Well, did you say too much?” When Leanna spoke at her son Cooper’s funeral, she said a few more things that were considered odd.

She said in the eulogy that she was "happy" that Cooper would miss some of the sadness in life like losing his grandparents and then losing his parents. She said she was “happy” that Cooper would miss some of life’s letdowns, which included his first heartbreak.

Then she offered the biggest jaw dropper yet saying:

"I miss him with all of my heart. Would I bring him back? No. To bring him back into this broken world would be selfish." she said. She ended the eulogy saying she wasn’t angry with her husband and that he was a “wonderful daddy.”

Both Leanne and her husband had searched online for information on children dying in hot cars and information on animals dying in hot cars. This type of death is painful and police did report that Cooper would have suffered in that car. So far Leanne has not faced any charges. Leanne’s own words and actions are now leaning the investigators in her direction, this may lead to charges coming along soon.

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