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LeAnn Rimes upsets fans with rape joke about losing her virginity

LeAnn Rimes
LeAnn Rimes
Photo by Aaron Davidson

LeAnn Rimes is getting blasted in the media again, but this time it is for a comment that she made while talking to Joan Rivers. On Thursday, Fox News shared about what LeAnn had to say while she was on Joan Rivers YouTube series called "In Bed With Joan." As soon as it came out, fans went to Twitter to talk about LeAnn.

While on this show, Joan asked her about the first time she ever had sex. This should have been a pretty simple answer. LeAnn said, "I was in Monte Carlo and I was 15?... 16… He was my boyfriend for like three and a half years so yeah, he was fine. I think I raped him. I think that’s how it happened." She did share that he had been her boyfriend for a while before it happened. That was not something that fans took lightly either.

Rape is not something to be joked about at all and everyone went to Twitter to express their thoughts on it. Everyone seems to think it was a pretty inappropriate thing to talk about even if she was just kidding. She might not win those fans back either after this one. It is honestly shocking that she hasn't spoken out yet and tried to repair her image after this comment. A response from LeAnn could still come out.

LeAnn Rimes has been on Twitter since this show came out, but she hasn't said anything about it all. Today she did tweet about Joan Rivers though after she had to be rushed to the hospital. Joan had a cardiac arrest and had to be taken in to the hospital right away. LeAnn sent prayers to her hoping for a speedy recovery.