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LeAnn Rimes in the spotlight again for laxative use as FDA warning sounded

LeAnn Rimes' laxative use concerns resurfaces with FDA laxative death warning.
LeAnn Rimes Instagram

Singer and reality star LeAnn Rimes is once again in the news for her alleged use of laxatives as a weight loss tool, according to this Jan. 9 report from Celebrity Dirty Laundry. And it comes at the worst time possible, since the FDA issued a warning to laxative users that overdose of the sodium phosphate products could lead to death.

In a photo uploaded from Instagram directly by the woman who stole Eddie Cibrian from Brandi Glanville of "RHOBH", it is clear that Rimes looks very svelte. But is it at a cost to her physical health rather than a result of nutritional eating and exercise?

Brandi Glanville seems to think so, talking about Rimes' use of laxatives to the New York Post more than a year ago, when her young son ate a laxative tablet at the home Rimes shared with Cibrian. And she was mad that her son's health took a turn for the worse as a result, saying the tablet made him very sick.

With the Federal Drug Administration shining a new light on the dangers of using laxatives, it appears that Eddie Cibrian's latest wife is more at risk than ever. And if the report from CDL is true, that LeAnn Rimes is obsessed with losing weight because Eddie only likes skinny girls, than the reality star may be unwilling to protect herself from death in order to keep looking good. And that would be a terrible tragedy.

It would also present a danger to other children they have visit in their home, like Glanville and Cibrian's youngest son, who has already come into contact with the Skittle-looking tablets before, and got very sick for ingesting it then. And since LeAnn Rimes says in on her professional website that she desires to "one day be a parent" and wants her children to have "age-appropriate responsibilities" instead of carrying adult burdens on their shoulders, then modeling mature behavior with her own laxative use would seem to be a priority now too, after this laxative overdose warning.

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