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LeAnn Rimes slams the paparrazi after reports of tipping them off?

LeAnn Rimes

LeAnn Rimes is no stranger to the paparazzi, as she is often photographed with her husband Eddie Cibrian. And recently, a report surfaced that claimed that LeAnn had an agreement with photographers, telling them where she would be and when so she could get a flattering picture of her taken. While she never confirmed or denied the story, she is now speaking out about photographers in general – and now in a positive way. According to a new tweet released on Jan. 18, LeAnn Rimes tweeted that it shocks her the extend photographers will go for a picture these days.

“The lengths paps will go through for a pic blows my mind,” she wrote yesterday. And none of her followers questioned what she was talking about. Two of her followers wrote back to LeAnn Rimes, showing sympathy for everything she has to go through with the paparazzi. “I cant imagine how #violated you must feel. Have a great weekend hun,” wrote one, while another one shared, “They risk your life, their life, and others lives. You think paparazzi would think of Princess Diana and try another trade...”

LeAnn has yet to deny or confirm the rumor that she tips off photographers about her whereabouts when it comes to her events, vacations and life in general. One could imagine that she wouldn't actually confirm such a story, as it would make her look bad. Do you think LeAnn is just making random statements about the paparazzi, reflecting on the recent story of a photographer killed for following Justin Bieber closely on the highway, or do you think she is just making a statement based on her own experiences?


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