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'LeAnn & Eddie' news: Could LeAnn Rimes be pregnant?

LeAnn and Eddie
Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for VH1

Tonight was the big premiere of "LeAnn & Eddie" on VH1. The first episode showed that these two are a happy couple and that the divorce rumors are not true according to them. At the very end of this Thursday night premiere, LeAnn talked in a preview about how she should have started already. There was a lot of baby talk and this made fans think she could be pregnant.

The couple did share that it is obvious she wants a baby. Eddie Cibrian didn't seem certain that he was ready to do that yet but he does have two kids from his first marriage to Brandi Glanville. LeAnn realizes that this might be her last chance to have a baby and that they should go for it before long.

On July 11, Celebrity Gossip shared where LeAnn announced her new Christmas album by running around on the beach in a bikini. She is in a tiny black bikini and obviously wasn't pregnant. The thing is nobody knows how long ago she actually taped this little video. It could have been done a while ago to confuse fans and make them think she wasn't pregnant when she really is having a baby.

On July 2, Fashion Times shared that LeAnn was wanting to have in vitro fertilization done. A source close to the couple said that she has been begging Eddie to do it but that he was unsure about it. It is unknown if she was ever able to convince him that they should go through with it or not.

It looks like if LeAnn Rimes is pregnant she has done a great job of keeping it a secret from her fans. Only time will tell and she will probably announce it on her new reality TV show "LeAnn & Eddie" if it is true. These two would make an adorable baby.

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