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LeAnn and Eddie clip: Insult Brandi Glanville, talk divorce

LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cibrian yuk it up
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

VH1 has released a preview clip of the upcoming reality show LeAnn and Eddie, featuring (you guessed it) country singer LeAnn Rimes and her actor-husband Eddie Cibrian. In this clip, LeAnn and Eddie lament the intricate web of what seems to be their other part-time jobs: being tabloid fodder and nemeses to Eddie's ex-wife, Brandi Glanville. Some take-aways:

  • Eddie seems bothered by Brandi's assertion he doesn't work. Brandi complains about a lot of things, but I can't remember her saying that...(recently, at least). Even if she did, should he care what she thinks?
  • LeAnn is wearing some kind of "skin" jacket. Hope animal activists don't take note.
  • LeAnn looked really annoyed when Eddie joked about divorce and Brandi-texting rumors.
  • LeAnn also sounded really annoyed when she asked Eddie: "who's texting you?"
  • LeAnn really wants Eddie to care about negative rumors and to dismiss them in the press. They also seem to imply that Brandi is behind their marriage rumors.
  • LeAnn scrunches her nose very intensely when Eddie refuses to address the rumors at his premiere.

I'm not sure why LeAnn and Eddie agreed to a reality show, but they don't seem to be on the same page on this clip. Should we applaud their decision to air this honest disagreement?

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