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Leaker of Jay-Z/Solange footage fired by hotel

Leaking something personal or controversial to the public is no way to ensure job security.

The tie is still straight, though.
USMagazine via Splash News

Someone who used to work at the Standard Hotel in New York City learned that the hard way when he or she leaked a video in which Brooklyn-based legendary MC Jay-Z was forced to fend off physical blows from his sister-in-law, singer Solange Knowles, 27, to dirt-sheet website after the May 5 incident, says's Wonderwall, quoting from an article.

The person, whose name has not been released, was given his or her walking papers, as announced on May 14, for committing security breaches. The tape was sold by an unknown party, perhaps the leaker, for $250,000, according to E! Online, who reported the seller as an unknown female security guard, possibly the one terminated. Neither she nor the buyer has been revealed.

Meanwhile the hotel released the following statement on May 14 regarding the incident:

"The Standard has already terminated the individual and will now be pursuing all available civil and criminal remedies. The Standard will next be turning over all available information to the criminal authorities."

Page 6 reports that one Marty Singer was called in to investigate the matter. Says the tabloid:

"There are only a handful of people who'd have access to that tape. The Standard owns that tape. [But] once it was out, Jay-Z's people felt they couldn't control it. They were reluctant to try and publicly fight this."

The altercation between the music impresarios happened on the 10th on an elevator in the hotel, where Sol-Angel threw fists at the MC while being held back by a burly bodyguard under Hov's employment, and then she managed to get a few kicks in prior to being subdued. Beyonce, Jay's wife of six years and the mother of their baby girl, Blue Ivy, was present but did not step in between the two, leaving many in the media and in the general public to wonder why. Hov did not retaliate, but rather let his bodyguard hold the singer back from causing further damage to his person. It is speculated that the fight was started when Solange questioned the Roc Nation's founder towards big sis about attending a party following the Gala held by his controversial protege, Rihanna. The hip-hop legend didn't make things that much better when he remarked, "You're one to talk."

Safe to say, the "I Decided" singer did not like that. Not..... one..... bit. Then that brown stuff we all know hit the fan with the quickness.

After the fracas, Solange stormed out of the elevator, followed by the couple and the bodyguard. the sisters left in one limousine, and Jay in another. Jay-Z, born Shawn Corey Carter in Brooklyn in 1969, was later seen with his 32-year-old wife and others courtside at a Brooklyn Nets-Miami Heat game.

Oddly, Sol-Angel deleted nearly all the pictures including her more-successful, Grammy-winning big sister from her Instagram account.

The "Crazy In Love" singer, meanwhile, posted a cryptic prayer post on Instagram.

Even, more oddly than that, Jay and Solange later seemed to have patched things up, because the two were silently browsing through a jewelry store in NYC called Mr. Flawless on May 14.

Regardless, it will be a while before this story dies down, even though reports say that this is definitely not the first time Sol-Angel went berserk and acted like Sol-Demon. Jay and Bey are reportedly used to this.

Columbia, SC, if you have seen the tape, tell us about what you gathered from it.

Thankfully, she didn't hit him in his giant lips - she would have broken her fist on them. Now Jay-Z has 100 problems, including crazy in-laws.

As for the leaker, hopefully he or she could get a job working for the TV show Cheaters..... if this person doesn't go to jail.

'Nuff said.

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