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Leaked: Nokia's Android UI makes Its debut

Nokia Android
Nokia Android

A Nokia device with Android baked in have been making the rounds on numerous internet forums for quite sometime, but after Microsoft and Nokia struck an exclusive deal to produce Windows Phone devices, it was all but a dream. Until today.

Apparently, Nokia has been secretly building an Android device, dubbed Normandy, which was leaked to the internet today by Evleaks.

Going by the images alone, the phone looks like it uses a stripped down version of Android, but takes a page from Windows Phone's playbook. The phone's UI was tweaked to make Android as unnoticeable as possible, similar to what Amazon did with its Kindle tablets, which uses a heavily modified version of Google's OS.

While its great to see Nokia doing something with Android, the fate of the smartphone is still up in the air. Microsoft recently made a bid to purchase the Finnish mobile company, and are currently months away from closing the deal. Unless Nokia plans on releasing the devices ahead of the deal, it's more likely that Microsoft will scrap the project in favor of its own offerings.