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Leaked memo suggests Microsoft will announce two new Windows Phone devices

Stephen Elop - Devices Leader for Microsoft announced that Microsoft and Nokia will exit the premium handset market to focus on budget friendly devices.
Stephen Elop - Devices Leader for Microsoft announced that Microsoft and Nokia will exit the premium handset market to focus on budget friendly devices.
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A brand new report claims that tech and software giant, Microsoft will soon announce two new Windows Phone devices. On July 29 The Verge revealed (from unnamed sources) that Stephen Elop held a presentation at an internal Microsoft meeting earlier this week to discuss the new smartphones.

The internal memo that was leaked, supposedly talks about the previously rumored device that goes by the code name of Superman, and another unknown device that contains a PureView camera. The phone known as ‘Superman’ was referred to by Elop as a ‘Selfie-Phone’ during the internal meeting.

Not a whole lot is known about project Superman, but rumors suggest that the device could feature a 4.7-inch screen, an eight megapixel rear facing camera, a Quad-Core Snapdragon 400 processor, and a five megapixel front facing camera that would be perfect for selfies.

The other new Windows Phone will feature the same PureView lenses and modules that has made Nokia famous in the world of mobile photography, but the device will be priced much lower than previous devices with the same technology. The device may have already been leaked, and it could turn out to be the successor to the Nokia Lumia 820.

Just two weeks ago when Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella announced that the company would restructure, Microsoft’s devices manager (Elop) revealed that the company was going to focus their short term efforts on producing mid-range devices that would ‘target the more affordable smartphone segment’. During the conference Elop went on to say that Nokia’s mid-range devices division was the fastest growing segment within the Lumia line.

Microsoft has recently cancelled several high-end flagship devices that were due to launch this year on the Windows Phone 8.1 platform. The highly anticipated Project McClaren, which featured revolutionary 3D touch gesture technology was not spared in the decision to focus on lower cost devices.

The news coming out of Redmond, Washington seems to suggest that Microsoft’s intention is to completely move away from premium devices market. Windows Phone device sales in the U.S continue to be poor, but mid-range Lumia devices are starting to account for a large portion of market share in emerging markets such as India and Brazil.

The news that Nokia and Microsoft will now be focusing on low to mid-range devices will be pleasing to companies such as HTC and LG. Both HTC and LG are reportedly going to be releasing new flagship devices on the Windows Phone platform this year, with the HTC One W8, (the Windows Phone version of the hugely popular Android HTC One M8) set to be launched this August on Verizon, while a rumored version of the LG G3 running Windows Phone could also come to market soon.

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