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Leaked iPad Air 2 images show thinner design

Leaked iPad Air 2 images show thinner design
Leaked iPad Air 2 images show thinner design
Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Leaked iPad Air 2 images show that the new iPad Air 2 will be thinner, according to an April 19 report in “The Times of India.” Apple appears to be adopting a new screen technology for the upcoming iPad Air 2.

A leaked image from China via a Dutch blog indicates that the iPad Air 2 will use a new screen technology that is different from the display technology used in the current iPad Air. While this new technology can create more room in the iPad Air 2 for a larger battery, it is more likely it will be used to make a new iPad Air 2 thinner. Why?

The iPad Air currently has a 10-hour battery life that Apple has defined as a standard (ever since the first iPod, all iDevices have a 10-hour battery life). So, it is probable that the extra space created by this new display technology will be used to make the iPad Air 2, leaner, thinner and lighter.

The images leaked by a purported iPad display supplier in China show the front panel of the iPad Air 2. In these images, it appears that iPad Air 2 is keeping the same dimensions as the current iPad Air, but the display connectors in the iPad Air 2 are in different areas. What's more, the LCD layer is integrated with the display.

It is this new LCD layer display integration that will create more room in the iPad Air 2 so it can be thinner. Although this in-cell technology will be new to iPad Air 2, this is the same technology that is in the current iPhone 5s.

Integrating the LCD layer with the screen improves the resolution in addition to making the device thinner. When Apple introduced this in-cell technology to iPhone 5, this new technology made the iPhone 18 percent thinner and 20 percent lighter than earlier iPhone models.

What gives credibility to these leaked images, first published by a Dutch blog, is that integrating the LCD layer with the iPad Air display continues Apple's trend of making iPads thinner. Also, it continues Apple's proclivity for integrating manufacturing processes and parts across all iDevices.

Because of Apple's track record in this regard, it is likely that the iPad Air will also sport the new A8 processor (which will be included in the upcoming iPhone 6) and the Touch ID fingerprint sensor that is currently in the iPhone 5s. Images of iPad Air 2 that were allegedly leaked by a Chinese supplier are available at “One More Thing."