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Leak your own secrets with the new Edward Snowden action figure has released the latest addition to their traitorous whistle-blower line of action figures. Fans of Edward Snowden can now purchase their own Snowden 12-inch action figure. The website already markets a Julian Assange doll. Assange is another whistleblower known for releasing secrets to the public.

Edward Snowden fans can now purchase their own Snowden action figure for $99.

Edward Snowden is a former CIA computer analyst who worked as a NSA contractor. He fled the country after releasing top secret documents about Orwellian type government surveillance programs on private citizens. Considered a traitor by the American government, others consider Snowden a patriotic whistleblower who made citizens aware that the government was unknowingly keeping tabs on them.

The Edward Snowden figure is $99. Fans can pay extra to dress their Snowden figure in Indiana Jones apparel or a business suit. Need a laptop to give him an even more realistic look? The site offers an option for a laptop.

Visit to purchase your own Snowden action figure. The site also offers other action figures and has options for customized action figures. Additional information about Edward Snowden can be found at the Edward Snowden biography website.

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