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Leah Messer-Calvert reveals medical bill problems: ‘Teen Mom 2’ news

Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

Leah Messer-Calvert is sharing new information about the problems she faces because of high medical bills for her daughter Ali. In Touch Weekly reports on Thursday that the “Teen Mom 2” star has insurance, but it is not enough to pay for all of the bills. Ali has muscular dystrophy and deals with extreme pain, but her mother claims she is staying positive.

Leah’s daughter Ali, who is also known as Aliannah, has a specific and rare type of medical condition. The reality star has discovered that Ali has titin muscular dystrophy, and the disease has affected her daughter’s health drastically. The condition is linked to lung, heart and mobility issues among other problems. However, Leah has shared that Ali’s mind is not affected by the disease.

Ali’s medical bills are a problem despite insurance, and Leah has to rely on her family for help. She states just one of her bills was $20,000, and the financial hardship has been increasing. Unfortunately, Ali will continue to require frequent doctor visits, multiple prescriptions and other types of medical intervention because there is no cure for titin muscular dystrophy.

Doctors have predicted that Ali will need to use a wheelchair as she gets older, and her condition will get worse. Leah has two other daughters, Aleeah and Adalynn, who are not showing any signs of the disease. The “Teen Mom 2” star claims she is staying positive and believes her daughter can still enjoy her childhood.

Leah’s husband Jeremy has allegedly been working extra hours to help pay for the medical costs. However, Leah does not appear to work outside of the home and explains she is taking care of her three daughters. Since Ali’s condition can become progressively worse without warning, she may need to spend more time taking care of her.

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