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Leah Calvert's mom defends the 'Teen Mom 2' star's spanking of Aleeah

'Teen Mom 2' star Leah Calvert enjoys a Mike's Hard Lemonade
Leah Calvert/Twitter

Leah Calvert and her family is currently starring on MTV's Teen Mom 2, and while she agreed to do the show to spread awareness about teen pregnancy, she also agreed to let millions of critics around the globe judge her every move.

On Tuesday night, a new episode of the show aired in which Leah became angry with Aleeah, one of her four-year-old twin girls. Apparently, Aleeah had been rebelling for days over the attention that her special needs sister, Ali, had been getting.

After Aleeah refused to listen to her mommy on the episode, Leah marched over to her and gave her a spank. While she certainly didn't hit her all that hard, many fans thought that Leah went way too far, and in response, they slammed her on Twitter.

Never one to let her daughter be bullied online, Leah's mother, Dawn Spears, quickly came to her aide.

"It is LEGAL in the state of WV to smack your child's behind as long as it isn't with an object or leave bruises or markings," Dawn told Leah's critics, according to a March 6 Wetpaint Entertainment report. "A lot less violence was in the world when parents took their children over their knee."

For Leah's part, she stayed silent, but did re-tweet a few pro-spanking messages her fans had tweeted to her.

For more of Leah Calvert, tune into Teen Mom 2 every Tuesday night at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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