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Leah Calvert hopes fans will see her strength and "big heart"

Leah Calvert has caught a lot of backlash following the airing of this season's "Teen Mom 2."

Years ago, Leah was highly criticized after admitting to cheating on her then-husband Corey Simms, and just as she was starting to catch a break, fans have once again turned on Leah for her treatment of her currently husband Jeremy.

Although Leah insists she's grateful for her husband, she doesn't always act like it on the show. Instead, she's often seen complaining about Jeremy and his not understanding her responsibilities. While being a mother certainly is a hard job, especially with three kids, Leah doesn't have to work or go to school because of her husband's high paying job.

Most people would be thrilled to have someone in their life that supports them and their three child, allowing them to focus solely on being a mother, which has resulted in tons of criticism and backlash.

In the wake of it all, Leah has spoken out on Twitter, revealing her hopes for her fans in the future.

"I think I'm a pretty strong person with a big heart♡ && I truly hope others can see that...," Leah wrote on Twitter on Sunday night.

For more of Leah Calvert, tune into "Teen Mom 2" on Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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