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Leah Calvert admits husband has only expressed his feelings to her "one time"

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Leah Calvert and Jeremy Calvert's marriage is currently on the rocks on "Teen Mom 2."

Not only are the pair constantly fighting, they seem completely disconnected as a couple, as if there is no chemistry between them whatsoever. Although they share little jokes here and there, they don't appear to be as in love as one would hope for a newly married couple.

In a new interview, Leah reveals a hint about why this is possibly happening.

"It's almost like you put this guard up, like 'I don't need anybody to tell me what to do, I know what to do.' And you feel like less of a man, or you feel embarrassed so to say," Leah told Jeremy during a "Teen Mom 2" after show, as reported by Wetpaint Entertainment on March 20.

When it comes to putting walls up, most have done so. But in a marriage, the walls should already be down. In fact, they should come down long before a pair walks down the aisle.

Leah also revealed in the interview that Jeremy has "maybe" expressed his feelings to her "one time" -- which is beyond shocking.

From the sound of things, Leah and Jeremy are lacking an emotional connection, and may have never even had one, which raises some serious questions as to what their marriage is based on.