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League of Legends to become more newbie friendly

League of Legends is going to be receiving some changes for new players.
League of Legends is going to be receiving some changes for new players.
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League of Legends will be receiving an update that will make it easier Fort Worth newcomers to learn how to play the game. Riot Games has received the feedback, and they completely understand how the game can be uninviting due to its learning curve. Hopefully these plans will tone down the intimidation and frustration levels and provide a smooth transition for the MOBA beginners.

League of Legends is about to become easier to learn
© Riot Games Inc. All rights reserved.

Riot's Plan:

  1. Make learning fun
  2. Provide obtainable and meaningful goals
  3. Offer well-paced information
  4. Make it a habit
  5. Challenge the player appropriately

At the moment, Riot feels the pace of the tutorials are too slow, pausing the game too often for new players. This causes a major problem when they move up to the next level, to play against bots, because the combat feels too fast without the pauses. Making bots less difficult, toning down their damage, as well as death timers are just a few changes coming to the tutorial mode.

Shifting away from broad and vague goals, newcomers should be tested with clear cumulative instructions that lead to victory. The new tutorial mode will feature a smarter system to push the player in the right direction, towards actions that previously weren't intuitively clear.

The new tutorial mode will stagger information for the new player to learn, as opposed to dropping it all on their lap. Riot has hand-picked what players will and will not be instructed to interact with, including a simplified shop, sporting a new recommended items page.

After learning keybindings, it can be difficult to recall what each of them do when you're in the heat of the moment. Players will be introduced to various lessons that will help them practice things like buying items, leveling up abilities, and other tasks. The new mode will also display cursor icons to help indicate which button you should use as a specific moment.

Previously, many newcomers were failing to complete the battle training and were defeated by bots. Riot did not intend for new players to lose during the tutorial. With the previously mentioned changes, they believe that beginners will be appropriately challenged by the new intro bots.

Riot Games is always looking for innovative ways to expand, yet also simplify League of Legends to cater to a wider audience of players. This may only be the beginning before there is an even smoother transition for fresh newbies.

League of Legends is a 100% free-to-play online game, which is constantly being balanced and updated. If you are interested in trying out the very fun game which is continually growing in size and interest, click here to download League of Legends for free.

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