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League of Women Voters annual event: SOTU BINGO

LWV BINGO sheet is released
League of Women Voters

The League of Women Voters (LWV) has released the State of the Union address (SOTU) Bingo sheets for 2014.

SOTU is tonight, with the President of the United States, Barack Obama giving a speech to the entire country regarding the current status of things for the United States, and plans for the coming year.

Many people take guesses at what will be covered for SOTU.

It is a pretty big day for the White House.

Here's an instagram from the White House, showing the processes they thought the public might like to see.

The LWV has been an organization since prior to the Women's Right to Vote in 1920. The group, a non-partisan collection of women ( the group itself is NOT operated under any political party auspices) has the goal of explaining and supporting democratic government processes such as voting and clarification of issues of policy or law needed or pending.

It took women 100 years or so to get the vote, so they have some ideas of the value of voting and democratic process

LWV BINGO is a repeat event, which makes for a great tool to focus and learn. Think Family trivia night or a cheap date. If a person is new to the country, interested in tracking issues or just out for a bit of fun, this should be an accessible game. 'Let me be clear' as a repeatable phrase in POTUS speeches is there, along with things like jobs, guns, economy and energy issues.

The game has 4 different cards, and LWV will follow the televised event live from a Twitter account for LWV, @LWV and so that and the POTUS or SOTU hashtags should bring on plenty of data.

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