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League of Legends matchmaking is broken

Over 50 minutes?
Over 50 minutes?

The matchmaking system for League of Legends is currently not working properly - it will not find matches! A level 11 user trying to find a standard 5x5 game tonight has been waiting for over and hour without finding a match. If you have ever wondered what happens when the timer reaches an hour, the answer is that it resets back to 00:00.

Check out the two screenshots in the slide show above. The timer has been zoomed so that they are visible but the original, unedited, images were also included in the slide show to show these are real screen captures. The first picture shows the user having waited slightly over 50 minutes without finding a match (despite the approximate time being billed as a mere five minutes). The second image was actually taken after the first, showing the timer reset after hitting the one hour mark. Is this how it feels to roll an odometer on a car back to zero?

Although the user searching is only level 11 but this should not mean he cannot find a game considering the game exceeds five million concurrent players per day (source). If these numbers are to be believed, even low level players should have absolutely no trouble finding a match.

There's no word on the official game forums as to why this would be happening and the alert box of the interface only states that Thresh has been disabled due to a bug with his abilities. There's no mention of the matchmaking system not working properly. Checking the server status also says that the servers are online and gamers can "Log in and play any time!"

Apparently not.

[Update: 1:25 A.M.] Apparently this is happening to a lot of players. No official word yet on the problem.


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