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League of Legends - Free Champions: Preseason, Week 3

The ten champions that will be free to play for the third week of League of Legend's preseason!
The ten champions that will be free to play for the third week of League of Legend's preseason!
Riot Games

Summoners, a new week is upon us, and with it a new band of free champions. Each week I will be reviewing the champions available, giving a few interesting statistics over them, and providing a few of my top picks.

Big news this week, as this week's free champions hit just in time for the preseason patch! If one of your favorite champions is on this list, be sure to try him out now, with all the new items and jungle reworks that have come out, you're sure to find a new way to customize your play style.

This week's style seems to be hard, fast damage. This opens up a lot of very aggressive play styles; are you ready to leap into the fray? There are zero 450 IP champions this time around, three 1350 IP champions, two 3150 IP champions, two 4800 IP champions, and three 6300 IP champions, making the total cost 38,850 IP and the average cost 3,885 IP.

Now for my top picks this week:

#1 Top Lane: Zed

Zed gets this victory partially because he's just so fun to play as; granted, there are quite a few complaints most players have about him, but there always are. Though he needs some tweaks (not necessarily nerfs or buffs, just tweaks), Zed's playstyle is fairly interesting, and because new and fun is always exciting, Zed gets this week's award for #1 Top Lane.

#1 Jungle: Rammus

Rammus may be rarely seen at high level play - where people know what they're doing - it's actually pretty fun to steamroll over enemy champions and taunt them until your team can obliterate them. Plus, he's basically the only true jungler in this week's lineup. If you feel like substituting Jarvan IV, though, you can certainly go for it.

#1 Mid Lane: Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate's damage potential isn't as good as Brand's under most circumstances, but he's absolutely the best in terms of split push and gank potential. There is nothing more terrifying than a TF MIA call, because he can literally be anywhere on the map in a matter of seconds. With a stun and a fairly high-damage Q that's spammable, a Twisted Fate gank can turn a lane around in moments.

#1 AD Carry: Graves

Graves is a little outmatched by Caitlyn in some aspects, but overall, there's a reason he's a member of the "Holy ADC Trinity". His high-defense, high-aggression style makes him a nightmare for most other AD Carries; throw in a Taric for stuns or a Soraka for endless sustain and he can be an unstoppable snowball.

#1 Support: Sona

I like Sona. I like her a lot. Mostly because, in case of an emergency situation, Sona can always go AP Carry. If your AD Carry feeds, has no idea what he's doing, or just straight up AFKs or leaves the game, Sona can transform into an AP Carry with decent damage potential, a great heal, and an ultimate that can turn team fights in an instant.

What champion is your favorite this week? Any you'd prefer? Disagree with any of these picks? Leave a comment!


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