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League of Legends Champion & Skin Sale - 12/7 to 12/10

The champions and skins that will be going on sale for just four days.
The champions and skins that will be going on sale for just four days.
Riot Games

Summoners, are you ready to add a new arsenal of skills and skins to your collection? Well, pay close attention, because we're about to break down the latest sale from Riot Games!

Talon and his stealthy services aren't available cheaply, but they can be yours at a discount for only four days. Grab him at 487 RP before he goes away forever.

Twitch may be a little less maneuverable than Talon but he's certainly got the advantage in range. Make your enemies learn to truly fear poison for only 487 RP.

Xin Xhao refuses to fight from the shadows - a headlong charge into battle is the only way he knows how to engage his enemies. Commend his bravado for 487 RP and perhaps he'll join your team.

Three skins are available as well.

Desperado Cassiopeia is pretty well equipped for combat - if she runs out of mana she can always pull out her six-shooters. Pick up the versatile mage for 487 RP.

Augmented Singed is available for 487 RP for a limited time; no telling when the officials will bust him for steroid use, though, so grab him while he's still eligible for Ranked play.

Full Machine Viktor is available for all the lovers of gears, cogs, and hard metal plating. Make this madman more mad, and less man, for 487 RP.

These sales are only going on for four days, so if you haven't already purchased any of these champions or skins, now's your chance. December 10th all of these awesome items go back to full price.


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