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League bowlers can check out their personal stats on USBC website

Mike Hahn smoked a 290 game in 2011.
Mike Hahn smoked a 290 game in 2011.
Fred Eisenhammer

As many league bowlers prepare to start their fall season, this is an appropriate time to re-run an story that originally ran Dec. 18, 2013.

For most league bowlers, rolling a 300 may be too ambitious of a goal.

But not so for Reseda's Mike Hahn.

The right-handed marksman blistered a career-best 290 on February 2011 during a league game at AMF Woodlake Lanes in Woodland Hills. Only a first-frame spare marred a perfecto.

Hahn (shown in photo) then racked up strikes on his first three frames of his next game en route to a 190 score. Those 14 consecutive strikes gave Hahn an “Andy Varipapa 300,” a feat in which a bowler blasts 12 strikes in a row over two games. The late Varipapa was an accomplished pro bowler who was known for his trick shots.

Hahn's 11-strikes-in-a-row game is honored on the United States Bowling Congress website under Hahn's name.

A little-known tidbit is that the USBC website lists league bowlers’ averages and achievements over the past 12 years. (The website can be found at Then click on “Find a Member.”)

The USBC, the national governing body for ten-pin bowling, considers honor scores (300 games, 800 series) as “achievements.” But the USBC also recognizes games in which bowlers roll 11 straight strikes, such as Hahn’s 290 effort.

League bowlers might delight in looking up their name and checking out how their averages have fluctuated over the years. Bowlers typically demonstrate improved averages and that provides incentive for continuing that ascent.

Most bowlers will find an empty screen under achievements, but a select group will have some joyful notations.

Rick Auerbach of Woodland Hills, for instance, has a 300 game that he blasted on March 19, 2013 memorialized under his achievements. Additionally, Auerbach’s 800 series (in which he scored an 818) on July 11, 2012 also is recognized among his achievements, which include four perfect games overall and a 290 11-strikes-in-a-row game.

As for Hahn, earlier in the year he talked about his 290 game. “Any ball I threw headed right into the pocket,” he said. “It was like there was a sanded groove and it just hooked right in.”

As for his first-frame spare, he said, “I buried it. I thought it was a strike, but I believe I left a 10 pin. Then I proceeded to get 14 in a row. I say that I got a 300, just not in the right order.”

So far this season, Hahn has blasted a 254 game and is averaging 181. He said Tuesday night that he is continuing his pursuit of that elusive perfect game.

“My 300 is still to come,” he said.

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