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Leading with conviction on the Front Range (Video)

Mission AM

Conviction and fellowship
Bethany house

"For I know the plans I have for you." This is an amazing piece of information since I speak with people all the time that don't have a clue of what they will do today. "Plans to give you hope and a future." What a way to begin the day always on a mission of building community. The psalmist writes:

"May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed." This was a prayer for a coalition of Kings of the Old Testament.

Leaders of their kingdoms with eyes toward The Kingdom. In a new book on leadership Dr. Albert Mohler giving "25 principles for leadership that matter." On Mission AM this morning we examine the most important leadership quality which is "The conviction to lead." Depending on what area you are leading from and what mindset you have- conviction can be good or bad. There have been plenty of ideas that have been led with misguided conviction that have been immoral and unethical. Think Hitler, think slavery, think Iraq before the fall of Baghdad. Leaders with conviction and bad motives are not a good mix! What about those leaders?

MLK and Mandela

Leadership with conviction usually have a passionate and Biblically sound messenger and spokesperson who lead people to greater good. Think Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela who spoke and did the things that Jesus would have done. The backbone of their movements were found in "the content of character." conviction is leading with concrete hope and character building and while all that is important to lay a foundation of community building it is important that conviction replaces and augments dogma. Systematic Theology becomes the scientific process of living an evangelical lifestyle. To give people hope of eternal life is what thinking and doing what God balances out in our thought life, and how we live that out through the systematic (living a Christ-like approach) gives you the power to lead by the Holy Spirit, which is the conviction to connect with people. A cause cannot last without conviction. A mission cannot be accomplished without a plan. When a plan is of God and from God he uses people in extraordinary ways, to lead people to His message; to His mission and to write and sing His music.

Don't Forsake the Fellowship

The main strong point of Leadership with conviction is found with the enzyme of community building. This active enzyme is what we call "Fellowship." Fellowship is essential to what is the most dangerous part of isolation with conviction. When we are in the best and worst thoughts and ideas for ourselves and our family and neighbors, we are getting to high in the weeds and too close to the rocks. Fellowship keeps us going on the right path, and keeps us safe from enemy territory. Fellowship allows for accountability, perspective and for vision to be tweaked and navigated. Fellowship allows a leader to be corrected and rise to the challenge of the task that lies before us. Fellowship is what allows us to put our faith and hope in God and operate prayerfully and with conviction. This first few days of publishing, and working on the Mission Cast is essential in communicating truth. The format of starting, supporting and sustaining interest is all based on fellowship. These sessions of hope have given me hope for the online community to build actual community for the readers, listeners and viewers. Thanks for joining us.

Leading in Style

(Phone rings) Hello... Yes this is he. Where did I get that suit I'm wearing? Well... yes...It is a personal question... No, I don't make that kind of money. Oh... I look like a million... well that's different. Yes I agree that leaders should look like they care about how they dress because the people we lead need to feel like we are dressing up for a very important person. It helps to show we care- but I want to tell you that my budget is not huge, but in my travel I have meet, speak to and play and sing to an audience of one. He knows how I look on the inside and how I look on the outside. Who picks out my clothing? Yes I have an advisor- his name is Joe- Joe Banks. Mission AM is happy to have Joseph A. Banks as an affiliate sponsor. When you click below on the banner ad and then make a purchase a portion of your purchase goes to building community, to Friendship and the things you and I believe in! BTriology

Heart of the Psalmist: Here is something new from our digital hymnal and it is based on Psalm 20. Good way to end the week with a Benediction. Give your all! With Conviction.

May His Plans Succeed

May he give you hope this day

May he give you strength to find a way

May he give you the right words to say

when you pray- May his plans succeed.

May he show you what he has for you

May he grow you to seek out what you're called to do

May he grant you his vision and may it come to fruition

in all the things you are going through

May he bring you out of Egypt- May His plans succeed.

Fill me, use me, bring me to an understanding

May your hope bring you faith that leads

to conviction- may His plans succeed.

He gives us what we need- may his plans succeed.

BT Springs 2.6.13


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