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Leading us to the end of the earth

In Albany we anticipate an end to the world some time in the future. Albany Christians understand that the earth will not last forever and that at a time God appoints, He will save His people from His wrath against an ungodly world.

There are several events that will occur before the earth is actually at its end. The book of Daniel reveals a lot about the end times as relating to governments and nations, as well as the book of Revelation fulfilling the details of the times. This article cannot fully explain the whole thing, but here it is in a nutshell:

In the prophecy of Daniel it refers to a 70 week period. The prophecy translates one week as 7 years. 70 weeks would then translate as 490 years (70x7). During this appointed measure of time, it focuses on Israel to reveal the coming Messiah who will save His people from their sins. It tells that after the first 69 weeks, which is translated 483 years (69x7), the Messiah now revealed would be denied by His own people, the Jews, causing the clock to stop for some time leaving one more week, translated as 7 years.

To provoke His people, God would focus on Gentiles (non-Jews) to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven through the Messiah, His Son Jesus Christ, during an unknown period of time known as the “church age.”

But at some future date in the end times the clock would restart to continue the last awaited week, a 7 year period. The Bible reveals that the clock of this 7 year period starts when Israel makes a 7 year treaty with the Antichrist, who at this time is an unknown political and religious leader appearing out of a nation to offer the ultimate peace plan for Israel and her enemies, and becoming a world leader.

At first this leader will be looked upon as the Messiah that saves the nations from trouble, but the brand of trouble he soon brings would not be like one ever before.

In the middle of the 7 year treaty he will break the agreement, sit on the throne of Zion, and force Israel to worship him as an idol. He will self-proclaim himself as god on earth, and as Satan has entered him will rule in evil over the nations causing the final war amongst nations.

God is not taken by surprise. As a matter of fact the Bible reveals that God is always in control and is using this time and the evil of Satan to usher in His wrath on a denying world.

The Bible is clear of the victor. We will look at the result next time.


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