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Leading trends for the four seasons

Au naturale and orange lipstick are two different makeup trends you can find in 2014
Au naturale and orange lipstick are two different makeup trends you can find in 2014

Today’s cosmetologists are responsible for not only making their clients look stunning but for keeping up with and learning each new cutting edge trend and style. In cosmetology programs at schools such as Star Career Academy, students learn fundamental skills that include makeup-application, skin care, as well as other cosmetology services. As part of these fundamentals of cosmetology school, students are responsible for being able to take every season’s trends and alter them to how they fit best for each individual client.

Star Career Academy’s students have provided some makeup tips for taking the current and future trends we are seeing on the runway and changing them to fit your everyday street style.

Autumn and winter
Many of the autumn trends can be transferred to winter very easily. Bold Brows is a trend that we have seen on many models such as Victoria Beckham. And according to Glamour magazine, this trend is not going anywhere fast; so now is the time to start growing your brows out! However, for a faster fix to create the illusion of bold eyes, try adding a little color and definition with powder or a pencil product. Finish off your brows for a well-groomed look with a brow set gel and a comb.

Other trends from 2013 that can continue from autumn to winter are stained lips. Try a wine-stained lip for a romantic evening look. If you’re not “feeling” the red-wine stained look, try a rose blush. For the perfect stained lip, keep the lip-line soft and smudgy. Not a fan of the matte lip? No problem. Add a layer of gloss over your berry lips.

Blush is back, and pretty pink blush is another trend that will transfer over from autumn into spring. It’s easy to pull off “super girly” with a sweep of pink of each cheek. Glamor Mag explains application is also easy: apply a sweeping pink to the apples of the cheeks while smiling.

Spring forward! Some trends we are seeing on the runways this season include the incorporation of pastels into an everyday look.

Pastel eye shadow is perfect product for leaving winter behind. Pastels are used to enhance the eyes. Designers are using colors such as rose pink, shades of green, blue and soft violets. Pastels provide a subtle wash of color that is perfect for a soft spring look.

Black eyeliner makes a comeback for spring 2014. While the balance of hard and soft can be hard to accomplish in spring, black charcoal eyeliner can help make this transition flawless. For an inky look, line the bottom and top of your lashes. Complete your spring look with a nude lip and clean, simple face.

Trends to look forward to for summer 2014
Summer is all about bright colors and perfect skin. This season’s trends fit perfectly with the bright and sunny warm weather.

“Au Naturale” is making a comeback this summer. Many models at shows are wearing next to nothing on their faces to show off a more radiant face. Makeup artists are applying products such as primer and moisturizer onto skin before dotting on small dabs of concealer to cover any imperfections.

Red lips are still “in” – according to Director of Makeup Artistry at M.A.C. Lipstick is a key product for make-up for this summer. Since it is summer, women want fun red shades that they can wear in the sun. This trend is inspired by ’50s colors of red, orange, and raspberry. Glowing lips are a perfect way or women to look ultra-feminine and feel beautiful again.

Makeup is a great interest to pursue as a career you’ll love. If makeup trends and styles are something you are passionate about, you may want to consider enrolling in the Cosmetology Program at Star Career Academy, where students have the opportunity to turn an interest into a successful and fun career.

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