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Leading Starts at Home

Drop in respect from students to teachers.
Drop in respect from students to teachers. Images

A survey published in USA TODAY talks about the incredible drop in respect in schools. A Harris Poll finds that fewer adults believe that teachers respect parents and students, and the other way round.

One of the questions asked if students respected teachers and the drop in respect is astounding from 79% to 31%.


What is going on?

Are the teachers mean and uncaring? That is not what I see.

Are the students nasty and disinterested? That is not what I see.

What I have experienced is that parents are either “helicoptering” or “absent.”

In my work with administrative teams and teachers I have found that the sticking point is the parent-school relationship, either over involved or under involved.

I teach leadership development and leadership excellence. I KNOW that how we behave starts at home and gets hardwired into our nervous system. The PATTERN of behavior do not change so fast when we enter school or the workplace.

We are not going up stream and staying there to see where the “toxic stew” of disrespect begins.

What we learn in our original organization, the family about fairness, favoritism, back-biting, betrayal, accountability and trust is what we take into the next organization we join which is school.

Take my pattern aware quiz at and see if you are one who must always be front and center and always right (super achiever) or if you see others always getting in the way of your success (victim) or if you simply say “no problem here” (denier).

Once you can see the patterns you can transform them. If you are a parent or teacher you will do the next generation a favor by beginning to make real and lasting positive change happen.

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