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Leading Someone On

Most people aren’t mean spirited by nature, but they do so many awful things in dating such as stringing along or leading on.

It’s an art to lead someone on. You have to defy physics- keeping someone at bay while also keeping them close by.

You don’t let someone go to move on but you also don’t let them close enough to you to feel like you’re still together. You appear interested in someone, but you don’t move it along and keep it vague.

It’s like someone who constantly try’s to call, text or email you and you respond even though you have no intention of connecting with the person.

Reasons why a person might lead another person on:
To Nice- It’s natural for people to be nice but it’s also possible for someone to be too nice by actually responding to the person who is constantly trying to make contact, sometimes you need to just let it go.
They Like Attention- someone stroking your ego or make you feel desirable even if they aren’t really into you.
They Are Confused- they aren’t on solid ground…not sure whether they want a boy/girlfriend, inability to get over an ex because they still want the friendship.
They Are Playing the Field- they have a significant other but continue going out with other people.
They’re Taken- pursuing someone even though they are already in a relationship.
Because They Can Do It- they won’t stop until they are called out on it and brought to attention.
They Are Mental- someone might lead you on purposefully. A way to get attention to their mental instability.
They Don’t Think They Are Leading You On- no matter how much or little contact those involved have the leader will think and feel that the people involved are “just friends”.
They Want Sex (Guys Are Most Guilty of This) - some people will do anything for sex even acting like he/she is more serious than he/she actually is. Saying they have deep feelings for you. “You’re the only one”.

Take action to avoid being led on:
Call Them on It- if you’re confused ask them what’s up. Try to get a decisive answer.
Get Out- They’ll keep it up if you don’t do something about it. If you’re not happy with the relationship then leave.
Ask Around- ask the people around you or do a background check to find out if this person has a habit of leading men/women on.

When you’re young and carefree being led on is far too typical. With being young people aren’t mature enough yet to want to settle down and commit to a relationship. As you get older you mature (hopefully) and want the whole spouse and children package. As a mature older person you’re not into the “player”, being led on or being scammed…you want and deserve someone who wants to be with you and only you without the games.

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