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Leading Jewish group slams MSNBC’s Touré for offensive white privilege tweet

MSNBC host called anti-Semitic over tweet claiming Jews survived Holocaust due to "whiteness."
MSNBC host called anti-Semitic over tweet claiming Jews survived Holocaust due to "whiteness."
Johnny Nunez / WireImage-Getty Images

Efraim Zuroff, the Israel office director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center considered a leading investigator of Nazi war criminals, slammed MSNBC's Touré Neblett for an offensive tweet in which he said survivors of Hitler's Holocaust did so because of their "whiteness," The Blaze reported Monday.

“It’s obviously absurd and smacks of intense and disgusting anti-Semitism. It’s reverse-racism basically,” he told The Blaze.

As we reported Sunday, Neblett made the comment in response to criticism from a person who said his family survived the Holocaust.

"How much do I owe for what Dems did in the first half of the century, while my family was in Europe running from Nazis, or in Dachau?" one person asked Neblett on Twitter. "My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work."

Neblett responded: "The power of whiteness."

The MSNBC host was soundly excoriated on Twitter by a number of people. Zuroff went even further, explaining that Neblett's display of anti-Semitism is rooted in jealousy.

“There is no question that part of the anti-Semitism that we see has its roots in the form of jealousy. This is a perfect example: ‘Jews made it because they’re white and Jews,’” he added.

Writing at the National Review Online, Tom Rogan said Neblett trivialized the systematic and government-sanctioned murder of six million Jews and suggested he visit Auschwitz.

"In four words, we see the trivialization of 6 million Jews killed for being Jewish. It’s the brushing away of industrial murder," Rogan said. Simply knowing the statistics, he added, isn't enough. To truly understand the horrors of Hitler's "Final Solution," one needs to actually visit the camps.

"Along with millions of others, I’ve been to Auschwitz. A place to which Touré must now go. If nothing else, Auschwitz would likely jolt Touré’s 140-character hashtagosophy out of existence," Rogan added.

He went on to slam Neblett as a "fervent hashtagosopher of the lowest order," and castigated the race-obsessed host as "historically deficient and morally unhinged."

Neblett, however, isn't the only MSNBC host under fire for outrageous comments regarding the Holocaust. Earlier in the month, Ed Schultz claimed in a tweet that gays were the real targets of Hitler's camps, citing statistics that said up to 15,000 gays were imprisoned in the camps. However, the National Review said, Schultz did not mention the six million Jews who were exterminated. He quickly deleted the tweet, The Blaze added.

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