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Leading from the heart

Leading with Heart
Leading with Heart
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Sunday, August 10, 3014: Today offers an awareness of our shared leadership in the world and the responsibilities that come with being part of humanity.

Mark Twain's classic novel, "The Prince and the Pauper", is powerful metaphor on how individual suffering leads to compassionate leadership... or leading with heart. Both the prince or pauper are within you and how to integrate this dichotomy and become a benevolent leader is the essence of today's Full Moon in Aquarius.

“Leadership” is a concept that those who desire power, recognition and authority aspire to, while others... thinking it's immodest or even self-aggrandizing... resist. But leadership is everyone’s vocation. For better or for worse, we all exercise leadership of some sort... quite simply, we influence others when we say what we say or do what we do.

But to be a compassionate leader you must first shed all the trappings of authority, humble yourself or be humiliated and experience what it means to have little or no authority. Often the most benevolent leaders are those who have come up through the ranks and know the trials, tribulations, suffering... and heart of those they lead.

Humanity experiences many different kinds of suffering. There's the suffering due to external conditions, such as poverty, disaster, war or illness. And there's also psychological suffering that comes about in reaction to what we see, hear, sense, experience or feel in our day to day life. No one wants to suffer, but... in the end, it's suffering that releases the compassionate heart.

We're living, both personally and collectively, in weighty times, and most individual's, in one way or another, feel pinned down by a boulder... but today we've reached an inner "Archimedean point". This is the point from which your suffering can give you the leverage to lift the boulder off your back and release transformative change.

In the quote below Vaclav Havel, playwright, essayist, poet, philosopher, dissident, statesman, first democratically elected president of Czechoslovakia and the first president of the Czech Republic after the Czech-Slovak split, takes you to the heart of what leadership means in settings both large and small.

In 1990, a few months after Czechoslovakia freed itself from communist rule, Havel addressed a joint session of the U.S. Congress, saying in part:

Today's Quote

The communist type of totalitarian system has left both our nations, Czechs and Slovaks…a legacy of countless dead, an infinite spectrum of human suffering, profound economic decline, and, above all, enormous human humiliation. It has brought us horrors that fortunately you have not known. (Of course this is 2014 not 1990...and a lot has changed in the USA... as a nation and as individuals we are now also experiencing "an infinite spectrum of human suffering, profound economic decline, and, above all, enormous human humiliation" P.L.)

It has also given us something positive, a special capacity to look from time to time somewhat further than someone who has not undergone this bitter experience. A person who cannot move and lead a somewhat normal life because he is pinned under a boulder has more time to think about his hopes than someone who is not trapped that way.

What I’m trying to say is this: we must all learn many things from you, from how to educate our offspring, how to elect our representatives, all the way to how to organize our economic life so that it will lead to prosperity and not to poverty. But it doesn't have to be merely assistance from the well-educated, powerful and wealthy to someone who has nothing and therefore has nothing to offer in return.

We…can offer something to you: our experience and the knowledge that has come from it. The specific experience I’m talking about has given me one certainty: consciousness precedes being, and not the other way around, as the Marxists claim. For this reason, the salvation of this human world lies nowhere else than in the human heart, in the human power to reflect, in human meekness and in human responsibility. Without a global revolution in the sphere of human consciousness, nothing will change for the better…and the catastrophe toward which this world is headed—be it ecological, social, demographic or a general breakdown of civilization—will be unavoidable." ~ Vaclav Havel

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