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Leading Fools to the river with tarot

The Fool Tarot Card
Rider Waite

We are leading Fools to the river. This is our job this lifetime. We blaze the trails. We do this quietly, thanklessly, and mostly unnoticed. It is solitary and lonesome work, no matter how essential. We blaze the trail knowing that those who follow us are a long ways behind us. We blaze the trails, and they follow us, perhaps unaware that it was us who blazed it.

Leading Fools to the river, this means to blaze a path that others can follow to discover their truth and their own wisdom. This is not to preach and declare absolute truths that exist outside of their selves, but rather to discover and understand what is intrinsic to their own true self. These fools are those who are seeking. Another word for them could easily be “seekers.” These are those who sense that there is something more to their life and why they are here, and they want answers. The river represents this truth.

What they are learning only just now we have known for lifetimes. We blaze the trail to the river and then we wait, ever so patiently for the followers behind us to catch up so that we can have some company. Those that follow us are seekers of different truths and different meanings. These are the Fools. These are the ones who know that there is more out there than what their five senses provide and want to know more, see more, experience more, and be more. So they seek.

In their seeking, they come upon the paths that we have blazed. As they trod the paths that we have blazed, they are fascinated by what they discover. These are many things we have discovered long ago without the need or desire to have accolades or special attention for having discovered it. Those following us though, they will be fascinated and want to co-opt it somehow as a special newly discovered wisdom. To us though, it is nothing special anymore.

We can’t always relate to those who are following us down the paths we blaze, but we appreciate them for the knowledge and wisdom they find from us because we know through them, this knowledge and wisdom will spread throughout humanity, for this wisdom and knowledge is essential to the overall well-being of the human species and to the earth and is crucial to any and all future evolutions.

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