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Leadership in the Media: Hey Jennifer Lawrence, et al. ENOUGH about DRINKING!!

Years ago I was in Ireland on a tour of some beautiful castles and I swear if the bus driver made one more “joke” about drinking beer I was going to pull the rip cord and get off the bus.

Golden Globe Awards 2014
Golden Globe Awards 2014
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I felt the same way while watching the Golden Globe award show with all the talented and well-dressed celebrities out for an evening of camaraderie, food and lots of booze, or else just lots of talk about booze.

I wondered if anyone could get through the night without needing the crutch of alcohol.

I found it disgusting!

Even Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, two very smart and creative women gave into the dumb drinking jokes. In another hour we would have been doing potty stuff for the three year old crowd.

I thought we were supposed to evolve as a species. Instead we are devolving!

Now, I am not a tea only advocate. However, I expect more from the people who have the responsibility to show us what matters in life.

The only bright light of the night was Bono who honored Nelson Mandela in an eloquent and beautiful manner.

If I were a visitor from another planet, a stranger from a strange world, I would have gotten back in my space ship and said a quick farewell to the stupid and immature people who are at the top of the pecking order in our stranger and very unappealing world.

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