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Leadership & The Back Story

In working with Pastors and Churches I have learned to listen. To listen deeply. To listen often and to as many accounts as I can possibly find.

Today I heard a speaker detail the life of George C. Wallace who was the Governor of Alabama multiple times. The speaker was George C. Wallace, Jr. He has written a Biography of his father’s life.

"Governor George Wallace, The Man You Never Knew"

The march from Selma to Montgomery; the account most publicized was/is the exact opposite of what Governor Wallace ordered. The author corrected Jesse Jackson about this on the Larry King Live show in the late 90’s.

One of the letters in the memoirs of Governor Wallace was one he wrote to the man who shot him (Arthur Bremmer) expressing forgiveness for that act and pleading with him to trust Jesus Christ as LORD. Bremer's diary, found in a landfill in 1980, made it clear he was motivated by a desire for attention, not a political agenda. He had also stalked President Nixon.

Wallace's stand on Segregation was according to him, a mistake. He spoke at the church where Martin Luther King was the pastor. HE requested and received forgiveness from that congregation. In the following election Wallace received 90% of the Black vote, evidence of his genuineness and the graciousness of that congregation. He was believed.

I encourage my readers to become listeners to ‘The Back Story’. There is one in virtually every situation and you will make much wiser decisions and take much more prudent action if you listen.

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