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Leadership: Strong intentions are not forced, but accepted

Political nature is not one relating to strong intentions but intentions for those considered by the politicians, not the same as needs of the public. Support granted to build infrastructure which has already bought the current political agendas in motion
Political nature is not one relating to strong intentions but intentions for those considered by the politicians, not the same as needs of the public. Support granted to build infrastructure which has already bought the current political agendas in motion
Composed by Michael Pulse

Doing what our internal controls tell us, produces a stronger result when taking actions because we are not forced or tricked into anything. But we must recognize this internal focus as well, for there are many external forces as well which interact to direct our lives. We sacrifice for our goal, the point or condition our lives have been concentrated upon, but we also must met the standards as set by the community around us. Political leadership today is a failure for not following these same rules it forces upon the public, and this failure is only growing in size. The actions taken by both local and federal politics is not concentrating on the public’s welfare, but upon the personal agendas of those who believe they can buy authority. But if authority rest in the public’s willingness to authorize actions, it is the public which must receive the benefits or it is simply corruption.
Benefits are expected in the infrastructure we build, whether it is building a school or our society around us. But not only has weather caused us to see this is not happening, but so has recent water problems shown how easily those involved avoid their responsibilities. Individuals have internal controls, many individuals simple do not use those controls, and when this comes to authority figures, it represents a real problem. It is not those we see who are necessarily the ones doing the worse, for they are seen directly by the public. Every society has government, and the internal controls of our government are operated by those who have restricted themselves from the public review, they are the real causes.
The Triad Design Group would not be allowed to exist if those in authority wanted to remove their licenses, which they certainly would have the means to do. Yet this organization, like so many others with close relationships to governmental figures, are allowed options the general public is never allowed. Forces existing outside the social standards of equality have existed for a long time, building an infrastructure to support the same inequality. Now they present this as the only accepted standard, only because there is no information presented by an opposition they did not want to exist in the first place. But the public sacrifices made were not for them, it was for the lives of children and future generations to have something better to develop their lives upon.
The community sets the common standards which are expected for all to understand and accept; only there are those within each society which have resentment to these same. Seeing themselves as better, they do not hold they should also be held to the same standards which the majority is held to. And profits are gained by seeking easier means and cutting corners to allow them to say they are successful, but only because others are taking the risks they do not. And when these risks become known publicly, the governmental figures allow friendship to ease the organization renaming process, saving them once more. Political leadership closely tied to such is not leadership; it is a waste of resources going to serve those with no real value except to corrupt more politics.
Today we are seeing this political failure growing mostly by the failure of past political actions, where the same rules did not apply to all those involved. So long as the highest leaders are allowed to skate around the issues and keep close friendships with such corrupted individuals, the political situation will get worse. Society meant to be ruled by justice is being replaced by domination of society forced to serve, and this can only happen when leadership allows such for personal gains. But it is not just a local political situation, it is one that has grown to be federal and by such a relationship, presented as global leadership. The concentration away from the public’s welfare has only been allowed as authority figures believe they can not be stopped in their personal agendas.
The use of authority figures to cover up personal agendas does not provide less responsibility, it only allows for more relationships to come between the public being informed of the facts. The public needs to have a sense of creditability in its own government, we have seen across the globe what happens when this faith is lost. Not only with the loss of AAA bonds, but with the civil wars still surging in world. Personal agendas not in line with the public’s welfare can not be allowed to buy authority, instead they must be held accountable for even attempting. But so long as the governmental politics do not stop these actions, the conditions imposed on the public will continue to escalate, and so must the actions the public takes in its own regards.
The public has the authority to allow representation; it also has the authority to remove it, thus keeping the corruption out of its society and the benefits in. But if the authority figures have sold their powers to others, it was by a willingness to allow authorizing corruption to exist in the first place. Then there is no will among these authority figures to seek the public’s welfare, only to seek personal interest by using the resources the public needs to survive. This waste resources, it does not allow the public to reclaim any resource to put towards building and developing public resources, so no new resources are available for individuals. The entire community results in fewer resources for the future and less means to provide a future.