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Leadership: Sporting the educational system, using the poor for sport

Giants in industry want more sporting events; they care to take land and resources for a one time publicity. Across the world people are not accepting sports as a long-term economic infrastructure, wanting real economic benefits for resource used.
Giants in industry want more sporting events; they care to take land and resources for a one time publicity. Across the world people are not accepting sports as a long-term economic infrastructure, wanting real economic benefits for resource used.

Boone Pickens wanted to build a sport stadium here in Stillwater, Oklahoma; instilling the concept of sports as leadership for future business careers. Others have tried to create major sporting stadiums around the world, but the public in all these areas has seen enough of this foolishness. Sports are good to show our competitive spirit, but do not produce any real leadership qualities supporting a future economic growth. The one time sporting events which occur because of the Olympics or the soccer games simply drain away local resources for more corruption. Brazil is currently questioning this now, as tribal lands come under attack the same as communities in Russia were attacked for the Olympics. The public demands for long-term economic benefits are not meet by those looking at the short term business of corruption and we know this.
Sports based on equal competition and non-violence results offer individuals a way to address themselves to society by the will to prove themselves. But is does not state these same have any real leadership, only that they can meet the standards set by the social order. And many times this standard is based on political structure seen as being all powerful, so long as one plays up to such one gains prestige from this establishment. But real leadership does not come by the self-promoting actions of political demands. Real leadership comes as individuals are willing to take demands in regards to needs and carry them through to the end.
Those in belief of sports showing true leadership have developed this as the means to business leadership thus future business careers. But this is only based on the concept of public promotions and propaganda seen through advertising and marketing agencies. Businesses built upon nothing have nothing to offer, except the past glories of names which advertise products having no real value. But so long as advertising campaigns are offering funds for publicity sake alone, they will offer no real economic or leadership developments. The competitive spirit we want to see can not be timed for someone’s personal display, springing from within and is shown by force of the individual’s life.
Real leadership does not come by self-promotion on a game field; leadership is not an individual showing what one can do. Leadership comes by the means to get many to follow the same dream and provide the means for all to gain equally. The diversity offered by working as a team, must also be rewarded and not all look to the same rewards, nor are all noticed through sports. Society rewards what is seen as important, and children follow to gain the necessities of life. But when those in society corrupt this process to form infrastructure which returns little to nothing to the same society, resources are drained.
The recent Russian Olympics and now the Brazilian soccer games showed how such sporting events are draining society so a few can enjoy what others have. Taking resources away for short-term, one-time events only waste the long-term gains such resources could make. As resources are limited, any waste in the system regards the long-term effects as less important than a short-term personal promotion. But since when is the self-promotions of a few wasteful political operations worthy of public acclaim? Those in support of these events, have not shown the benefit to the majority, only how they use the government to fund a personal lifestyle where others are used to support fools.
Protected sites removed for the mere vanity of those wasting what others have developed in the long-term, can not be accepted. Self-promotions can be used to present leadership, but only if the individual is willing to regard less for the self and more for the community. Those wanting to have large sporting events at the expense of others, are not leaders, only corrupted influences which must be put aside. Their vanity has been built only by the public assistance paying for it all, thus has Pickens career been. But even as the citizens of Stillwater refused to fund his stadium, he is still looking for the public to pay for his continued wasting of more resources.
The short-term business desires coming by these attitudes have no real sense or means to provide the masses any future. Boone Pickens and others have promoted a concept of how sporting events build leaders, yet such leaders tend to be only looking out for themselves and not the communities they represent. That is not business but self-promotions based on taking from others, a failure waiting to happen as resources are lost and those developing resources are discouraged from creating new ones. Society must present rewards to those creating real resources, not rewarding those who have shown they only take thus producing failure as a means of success.

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