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Leadership: Seeing human, equality needs to be in the lead

Around the world, believes based on the bigotry of social standing alone are being challenged. Reality has grown awareness in the mass public, to inspire equality against self imposed authoritarian deceit.
Around the world, believes based on the bigotry of social standing alone are being challenged. Reality has grown awareness in the mass public, to inspire equality against self imposed authoritarian deceit.

Around the world we have heard the belief of others, they should gain based only on their social standings to speak out, while others are not allowed to even speak. Arrogance brought out through self-promotions has conceived these thoughts, but reality has allowed intelligence to grow and show such acclaims are undeserved. Authority based upon deceiving the public masses only brings false hope, which is not acceptable anymore. As remote as it may seem, even in Oklahoma this austerity is being put to the test, activity even by Governor Fallin does not go unnoticed. Yet there is still a long way to go, and many more minds that must change, our thoughts becoming actions we must assure those thoughts are directed to a course we all can take. Equality in every economic transaction brings about equal resources and accesses to information, but it has been a long time since such existed….perhaps soon it will again.
The Arab Spring movement has been given to the raising global food prices, as prices in all things are bound to rise it is certain only those at the high economic end will prosper. They are the same who caused these prices to rise, thus assuring themselves of financial support but at cost by leaving the public to pay. Now in the Ukraine there is trouble to be seen, this was preceded by Turkey, a direct indication of how serious the increases in prices are. The economic virus released has not slowed in its course, it will continue to move through Europe, and even across the world as austerity for the masses is rejected. As this austerity only shows the ignorance and vanity of those who profess to know what they have forgotten so easily.
The human intelligence as a whole has grown over many years; we are no longer so easily fooled by the tricks of self-promotions. And we have developed social media instruments which allow us to keep information flowing to each and all in need. Together the global public is starting to take shape, not under political authority bent on self-promotions, nor austerity. But the global public is demanding responsibility in its leadership; this assured by the willingness to challenge such even if it means the harshest conditions imposed. The deceptions imposed throughout history have only shown the public what political authorities bring is more false hope, and it is not acceptable.
Public deception has become so common among those seeking political leadership they openly laugh about how easy it has been to deceive the masses. Yet the masses have not been so deceived, instead they have heard what one says and later what one does, noting if they are the same or not. The public gave authority the means to prove their theories as being true or false, and around the world the results are showing up as false. The public has had enough of these lies, it is demanding more actions than speeches, and those willing to offer such actions are taking lead. Equality in political operations is said to be a matter of economics, yet in economics when the masses have been freed there has always been more economics.
In Oklahoma, Governor Fallin has created radio messages stating Oklahoma is famous for taking care of its own; she must be excluding watching as others died simply because they are not called equals. Are not the Native Americans part of this state, and history showed well how they have been treated, as one oil company after another killed them to take away their lands? This same governor recently made a new cabinet position, a Native American representative, this to help prevent such measure being taken in the future. She has to accept then, her statements are nothing but self-promotions, the same she wants the public to consider as she moves to a federal posting. And as she is supported well by oil, chemical and air-line industries, we can only imagine the results of forgetting who is and is not considered a citizen by her standards.
It has been easy enough to walk away from your responsibilities when another is not seen as an equal to you, and to continue teaching such only instills it in the minds of others as generations go by. Gandhi indicated how our thoughts become our actions, but we also make them the actions of others as we teach or lead others who accept what we say without question. Questioning our governments is what keeps those in authority from going too far, offering a means to check and balance the power political positions have. And when such is placed in question, the answer has become the same, force used to dispel the protestors, violence to bring order only at the point of a gun. If political authority had any real leadership it would not need violence to instill order, but would assure equality for all instead.
Economic transactions are based on a simple reasoning, each side is equal in the transaction, but that has not been the case for thousands of years. The last time we faced this kind of disaster, the human race had to decide its fate by the actions we all took. And once more the global public is being called upon to decide, but this time we are able to communicate with each other more directly and quickly. The judgment is ours to decided, the question is are we even willing to offer a decision or just to follow those leading us over the cliff and not take notice?

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