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Leadership Lessons: What Women Want in Their Leaders

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Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis would scratch his head and ask “What do women want?” That seems to be the question every man asks at one point or another in their lives.

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Well, women want LOTS of things. Most assuredly, women want to be listened to and acknowledged. And guess what so do men!

In a 2012 study reported in The Harvard Business Review (Vongalis-Macrow, Gallant) the myth was burst that what women want is to work for other women.

Rather, what women want generically is what we all want:

  1. Leaders who are both “soft and strong” regardless of gender
  2. Leaders who are good communicators and can make tough decision
  3. Leaders who can hold a vision and drive the organization in that wan
  4. Leaders who exhibit emotional intelligence
  5. Leaders willing to take risks and lead innovation

I believe if you ask men what they want, the list will be rather similar. We are all looking for leaders who have 4 attributes of knowledge, skill, self-awareness and positive attitude.

Are you a leader? Check out “Don’t bring It to Work” for important ways to look at how the patterns of behavior you learned in your original organization, the family about fairness, favoritism, back-biting, communication and trust show up in your present organization at work.

There are ways to enhance your leadership skills and become an exemplary leader to both women and men.