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Leadership Lessons for ALL Graduates

Leadership Lessons for ALL Graduates
Leadership Lessons for ALL Graduates Images,

From plush carpeted Fortune 100 offices to cement floor entrepreneurial start-ups, from ivory towers of academia to basement hideouts of drug dealers, from the FBI to Al Qaeda there is one common denominator: wherever you find an organization you will find office politics.

Whether individuals work for the greater good or the goodies that go with greatness, no organization can bi-pass the maneuvering, manipulating, or misunderstandings that are part of human relationships at work.

Those of you who have just graduated or those of you who helped pay for the graduates to graduate pay attention.

When you can learn to decipher the patterned responses of how people join together for success, collude to derail others or when what is said is not really what is meant and translate the sabotage into positive, healthy communication, you can be at the front of the pack. You can become a leader of leaders and help others learn to cooperate for higher productivity.

Learn to inspire. Learn about patterns. Become a pattern pioneer. Learn why people do what they do and help them do better.

Graduates, welcome to the world of work. Parents of graduates, take some time to celebrate. Your job is done!

A hint: get a copy of my newest book “UNIQUE: How Story Sparks Diversity, Inclusions and Engagement” before it hits the web. Call or contact and we will be pleased to give this to you as a graduation gift.

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